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December 01, 2009


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Its intersting to see how much conflict exist over this film!

Paul Flynn

That's a fair point Kay Tie. ut there is a big difference. Lord Lang's firm was sued by Eliot Spitzer for the public good. I was threatened with huge costs by a firm that wanted to shut me up. I was acting in the interests of people who were paying 25% of their compensation to a firm of ambulance chasers.

Kay Tie

"While you are secure in your belief that you are entirely innocent, do you not think that people outside might consider that there was a cloud over your background which would disqualify you from this appointment? "

Is this a question to Lord Monkton over settling out of court rather than face a distracting lawsuit, or to Paul Flynn for settling out of court rather than face a distracting libel lawsuit? Hard to tell.

Come on Paul, you of all people should know that caving in to legal threats is not prima facie evidence of wrongdoing.

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