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December 17, 2009


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Gar Hywel. The Russians cannot believe the exact parallels of NATO's present mistakes and those of Soviet Union's occupation. I have frequently recalled the prophetic words of a member of a Russian Duma to me in 2001. He forecast the bloodshed and ultimate failure that we are suffering. The Russians used their MIGs to bomb targets in Pakistan and in the final stages they retreated from the countryside to the cities. No need to read the papers, study the history.

Gar Hywel

I have been doing a little study/research of oil politics in Central Asia of which Afgh is a part.

I can only conclude that Central Asian politics is as difficult to deal with, as renewing the drains and subsurface systems in Picadilly Circus without interfering with the traffic for half a mile around it.

The complexity of national and oil company pipe line politics in the region is staggering, on which Western Europe depends for a good deal of its gas and oil.

Russia has regained much of the perceived loss of Soviet Union power in 1990, and is the major player in the New Great Game.

Just do some searching Central Asia/Oil politics/geo-politics/pipelines and so on!

Paul Flynn

Go easy Dave. It's not as bad as that. There are 10 Welsh constituencies with higher employment rates than Newport West and seven have had a bigger increase that we have had in the past year. Newport East has worst problems on both scores. What make you think we are the worst?

Things are dire. Losing Alcan/Novelis was a very serious blow. I will visited a local firm at 9.00 am tomorrow. I expects to see several more before Christmas. I have visited a good 30 in the past 9 months. Very few of their problems are suitable for the blog.

On Afghanistan, I am the only MP leading the alternative case. Others agree. But no-one else is initiating debates or EDM


it is very admirable that you feel so passionate about afghanistan but this government has an agenda and nothing will take them off their course.
public inquiries and protests wont change a thing this government has blinkers on
the government wont make the others in the coalition pull their weight and are happy letting warlords,criminals,drug dealers run the country.
80-90% of the country would like our troops brought home but politicians ignore public opinion and keep saying terrorism will come to the uk if al queda is not eradicated. we all know we are at more risk now because of our soldiers being in afghanistan.
let the other arab states deal with the terrorists and corrupt government in afghanistan.
or let the forces get on with the job without intervention from politicians.

we need your enthusiasum here in newport though paul.unemployment is worse here than anywhere in the uk 1 in 10 and more people are to become unemployed in the new year.
we have many home problems that need tackling but afghanistan and the enviroment seem the only things this government wants to deal with.

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