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December 31, 2009


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Paul Flynn

The totals I try add on the day that they are announced. The names come 24 hours later.

I am the only MP to read out the full list of the dead in Iraq and in Afghanistan. This is now prohibited. In every parliamentary session for the past three years I have published the names of fallen in Early Day Motion


could you atleast name the soldier killed in afghanistan.or is he just another number.

his name was Sapper David Watson.
he was fatally injured as his patrol cleared bombs from an area near Patrol Base Blenheim, near Sangin, in Helmand Province, on New Year's Eve.

His family described the 23-year-old as a true hero who "lived his dream" and "did what a true soldier is ready to do for his country".

"He loved life itself and all of its challenges," they said.

"David's dry sense of humour, combined with his ability to articulate any situation into a moment of laughter, were two of his many talents. He was loved by all."

Sapper Watson's commanding officers said the soldier from 33 Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), Royal Engineers, was a "man-mountain of a young man", a gentle giant who considered nothing too demanding or tough.

Brought up in Whickham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, he joined the Royal Engineers in February 2007 and was a trained commando and paratrooper, winning the top student prize on his parachute course last year.

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