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November 22, 2009


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Im not sure I'm standing in judgement here but what I would say is that if I had tried to claim expenses for my work in the way a number of MP's has done
a) I would have been fired
b) I would have been prosecuted with no option to pay it back

So even if people have done cash in hand deals they know that there is a risk of being caught - a very small risk for most things but there is a risk

And from a previous experience dealing with HMRC after my employer make an underpayement on tax they came looking for me - and I had two weeks to pay or I would have been taken to court

So the leaders of our nation possibly should set an example in the way they behave? I think so

Paul Flynn

I am sympathetic with that Patrick. I wonder how many of those satnding in judgement have ever paid 'cash in hand' for something.


It is an intrinsic part of human nature to be selfish, greedy and corrupt.

Parliament can only ever reflect the society it is made up from.

The biggest shock regarding expenses is that people are.


I also never said you had - but there seems to have a complete failure of moral compass (to paraphrase GB) here and the reason I think that the Telegraph published the details of Dinsmore is that he was put on a committee looking after this whole issue for MP's- now thats either very dumb or very arrogant ..

I think you do understand the anger at this whole affair but I think a large number of curent MP's don't, and come the election they are going to get a nasty shock

Kay Tie

"I have NOT flipped or claimed for two London homes"

Didn't say you had. Just that the "within the rules" defence we've come to hear tiresomely from those who have is bogus.

Paul Flynn

I have NOT flipped or claimed for two London homes Kay Tie but Andrew Dismore is not alone. About 150 MPs did. Neither Legg or Kelly has asked them to pay back. They were encouraged to do it. Andrew Dismore is one a parliaments most active and effective MPs. In the six year period he was entitled to claim £120,000 on this allowance. His claims were smaller, I believe, than the average London MPs. the Telegraph are having a go at him because he is on the Standards Committee.

Kay Tie

"I know what the rules said"

Actually, the rules say:

"Members must ensure that claims do not give rise to, or give the appearance of giving rise to, an improper personal financial benefit to themselves or anyone else"

So it's utter bollocks to say "within the rules" as a defence against flipping and fiddling.


On the question of the Dismore (and Curry ..)
As I understand it both homes are in London - so why is it, that regardless if what the flipping rules were, he thought it right that the public should fund two houses for someone who lived within 10 miles of parliament - I know what the rules said but somewhere do you wonder if the idea might have flickered 'is it right for me to claim like this' ?
This just perpetuates the MP's expenses problems, doing further damage all the time and in the end threatens our democracy because you will turn people off because they will have little or no respect

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