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November 27, 2009


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Costa Rica 4 retirement

Elderly people deserve a quality of life in old age. They have been people who have forged this effort and dedication we are living today. We offer the best of us and restore all the good they have done for our country

Paul Flynn

Thanks Gar Hywel. I gave evidence on these lines to the Kelly Committee. Sadly he was more interested in cleaning and gardening bills.

Gar Hywel

I can go through quite a long list in my own mind of those former civil servants (usually the first secretaries) and cabinet ministers
who have taken top jobs in the city/plcs after etiring from parliament.

I shan't trouble to mention any names but it applies as much to DHSS secretaries as it does to Defence or Treasury ministers or secretaries, permanent or otherwise.

I would say the most glaring anomaly and wrong, is for Secs of Defence to be allowed to take Mercenary plc business after retiring, two of whom I could name now but won't since 1997.

Whether retiring Labor politicians will do the same, I really can't say. It is less likely, but it will just give more scope for the permanent secretaries say the no 2 as well to get those key jobs.

Paul does gallant work, against their causes.

He could campaign for legislation to prevent the Permanent secretary from taking the same kind of work, but to persuade a career politician not to, would be rather more difficult.


'Let's appear to change our procedural tactics but please don't expect us to lose sight of our inflated outside bonuses , revolving doors ,and other arse licked privileges.' (what Lang meant to say).

As corruption and moral outrage appear to be rife from parliament to the loveable rougue should we not accept that it is just part of us and move on?

Parliament is mostly composed of predictably boring ,thoughtless, robotic ,tribal and party leaning cretins .

Why don't we go the full hog and have purpose made robots in parliament that could simply vote on party lines and be programed to fall asleep,wave papers, heckle , hiss ,and even sport here here vocals.

A British company would benefit with production and they could be operated from either tidal power from the Thames or solar from the roof earning us more Green points.

Second homes and corruption would not be an issue. Should a rogue robot take too much interest in one of an opposite sex , go looking for Badgers on a common, or spend too much time in the bar then they could be simply switched off.

This would save the taxpayer millions of pounds, prevent illegal invasions , and clear the good name of the HOC.

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