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November 30, 2009


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What have London affairs to do with someone who spends a lot of his time working in London.
Hmmmm tricky one that.


What has London affairs got to do with a bigotted Anglophobe such as Flynn. Leave English Affairs to the English, if you want Welsh affairs left to the Welsh. Such hypocrisy.

Bob Robinson


Regarding the French cycle hire scheme. Might I suugest you browse the above article.

Paul Flynn

The reason that I compare Helmand with the charge of the Light Brigade, Huw, is that I forecast this disaster in March 2006. John Reid said Helmand would last three years without a shot being being fired. I said it would be,
'Bush to the left of them, Blair to the right of them, hollered and thundered. Their's not to reason why, their's but to do and die. Into the Valley of the shadow of death, into the mouth of Helmand drove the 5,000.'

That was our last surge of troops. It resulted in a surge of deaths from 7 to 236.


The charge of the light brigade involved 600-700 men who in a single action against an overwhelming number of the enemy (over 5000 men) and the brigade lost 118 men in one day.
The numbers of British soldiers dead in Afghanistan is as you say twice that number, but that is over 4 years with what? about 9000 serving in Helmand at any one time, they are simply not comparable events.
While every life is precious and every family who loses a member is devastated, the rate of loss of life of British soldiers on duty in Afghanistan is less than those of British young men at home in Britain committing suicide and vastly less than the numbers of deaths due to road traffic accidents (646 pedestrian deaths in 2007 for example)

On the other side of course, Afhgans

“In the first 10 months of 2009, UNAMA recorded 2,021 civilian deaths, compared with 1,838 for the same period in 2008, and 1,275 in 2007"

Everybodies life is important to someone, and we can stop the deaths of British soldiers by leaving Afghanistan but the trouble you have Paul, is that the numbers are not significant enough for British people to actually care unless they were close to one of those who lost their life or someone who is permanently and horrifically injured or maimed, the Afghan numbers are enough, if only they weren't foreigners and alien to us.
Of course it's all really their fault, we've only been trying to help them all this time.
They are extremists and/or corrupt, we are noble, selfless and caring.

You hope that British lives lost will waken the country, it won't work, the losses are not bad enough; even if it did, against the price the Afghan's have paid for our adventuring it would be remarkably self absorbed of us as a country to find the small loss of lives on our side horrific compared to the massive loss of life for men women and children whose only crime was to have the misfortune of being "helped" by us.
Maybe, if you could focus a little more on the lives of the innocents we have helped to destroy.
If that would wake us out of our self satisfied complacency we might discover that perhaps there is still some spark of honour and decency burning somewhere deep, very very deep, within this nation's heart.

Kay Tie

The bike scheme is worth a try, since it might fit with the British psyche. Who knows? If it fails then at least we'll know not to bother in any other city.

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