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November 20, 2009


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Tony. Today, this morning. This blog, on the 17th, I wrote

"The Guardian revealed some new fascinating facts on Friday. Part of the hopeless situation is that the Americans pay protection money of $1.500 for each truck of supplies that travels from Kabul airport to their base in Kandahar. Incredibly most of that money goes to the Taliban. They control the route."


Radio 4 this morning had an interesting take on Afghanistan - effectively we are paying the Taliban to allow aid convoys through - the comment was something like 'and they don't use to money to go on holiday or take a cruise'
They obvuilsy use the money to but munitions to kill our troops
I could not agree more with a further comment 'you could not make this up..'
If there is no plan B maybe we should leave ..

Kay Tie

"I did sincerely praise Paddy, not for the first time."

Paddy worked wonders in Bosnia. It's not surprising that Karzai vetoed his appointment in Afghanistan..

Chris Carter

This is a classic example of "It is easy to start a war, but a great deal harder to end one."

This is America's war, the Taliban in Afghanistan have never surrendered, and they never will. The wild goose chase the Americans are on to fight this war on terror is fruitless. It has scarred the Wests international reputation permanently, bring our boys home and let the americans damage their own reputation, because I fear ours may already be lost.

It is foolish we allow Washington to call the shots on British forces. This is Americas war, I believe it is their duty to finish this war, and I have grown tired of hearing nothing on the news except fighting in Afghanistan, it has been ringing in my ears since I was 10 years old. This war has never achieved what it set out to do and it never will, bring the boys home.

Paul Flynn

I certainly know all about that, KayTie From bitter experience. A reform is long overdue. I did sincerely praise Paddy, not for the first time.

Kay Tie

Interesting that despite the apology and correction, Paddy could sue you for libel if anyone saw the original piece. Paddy wouldn't do that because he's a decent man, but others would stoop so low. We need libel reform: pity that wasn't in the Queen's Speech when so much pointless rubbish was.

Paul Flynn

Sackcloth and ashes, Paddy. It was another interviewee John Simpson who said that. I have now re-written the comment to accuse the real culprit.

Nevertheless, your bleak predications of what might happen if the UK leave could have been balanced by the certain futile outcomes if we stay. The broadcast items were brief but they did include a comment by you on the possibility of failure.
I owe you one. In March 2006 I said in the Commons that the Helmand invasion would prove as bloody as the Charge of the Light Brigade. One more British death will bring the total to 336 - exactly twice the number killed in the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Grovelling apology forthcoming on my next post, when I will repeat my praise for your work in Bosnia and in Parliament.

paddy Ashdown

I don't know where or how you got this apparent quote of mine from, because I have never either believed this or said it. But then I did not watch the programme. Either you have completely misrepresented my opinion, or the programme did !!


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