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October 29, 2009


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Kay Tie

"Nutt's sacking is yet another fantastic reason not to vote for this right wing dictatorship."

Wicked behaviour isn't the sole preserve of the Right. Plenty on the Left are totalitarian bastards too. Anyway, you can't call the dregs of New Labour "Left" or "Right" any more, just authoritarian without a sense of purpose other than continued self-enrichment.


The government by pandering to the moral outrage of the red tops and reclassifying cannabis now has to face the results of their actions

A Knighthood for Professor Nutt the man of truth has arrived.

The truth shall set us free


Nutt's sacking is yet another fantastic reason not to vote for this right wing dictatorship.

Starting illegal wars is fine but say what you believe to be true about drug classification and your out.


So professor Nutt has been sacked for telling the truth and exposing the hypocrisy of the Government over drugs a really shameful and low point in British politics has been reached today.

I wouldn't trust those in power furthur than I could throw them.

THis is outrageous wake up Politicians we don't like being lied too

Kay Tie

Rabbi Schudrich was on the Today programme this morning. For a man who has been nobbled by an evil far-right thinktank he sounded very sure of his words.

Of course, Huw's cognitive dissonance means he's going to find it even harder to justify the lefty smears of an innocent man. I expect with an audio editing studio he can cut out the damning bits.

Paul Flynn

Thanks John for the text. It's very illuminating. I will passed on your support. Professor Nutt does visit he Commons frequently.

Paul Flynn

The debate on Question Time last night had only one sensible panel voice, Lembit Opik. The reaction on the other MPs was dire. The audience was not much better. It illustrates how deep public ignorance is.


Like Vietnam and Iraq Afghanistan is an avoidable war. The evidence is there that this war is unnecessary and inexcusable. But the policy to continue this war has already been decided. The British government has adopted a policy of following America.

America has a military presence in 150 countries. The aims are stated as bringing stability or preventing security threats or fostering democratic governments but the real idea is one of American geo-political dominance.

Good sense and objectivity in this war are not really present. It might be opportune to ignore it or support it, but the fact is that this will result in consequences for real people. It is ugly. People are killed, burned, limbs blown off, orphaned and widowed.

Since 911, America can supposedly do no wrong according to its military. The fact is that before 911 and its subsequent wars, Palestine was an obvious problem due to the horrific intifada of the time. I say this because 911 was the pretext for this war in Afghanistan. And Palestine was Al-Qaeda’s main justification for 911. I thought at the time that there would surely be an aggressive and urgent resolution to the situation in Palestine which seemed so obviously important. Instead, it was ‘bring it on’ from the American government. Look what that approach has brought us to. Do any of its fanatics count the dead bodies or look at the burnt victims? Tony Blair was said to have brought a peace resolution to Northern Ireland, but he automatically fell in to step with George W Bush. He sold a lie on Iraq, did he do it deliberately?

I cannot support the troops in this war. There is no exception of following the Americans to justify this. It is without justification. It is unnecessary and there is no truth in it. We should recognise the true nature of the NATO presence in Afghanistan.

Kay Tie

"shame on the labour Government for furthur criminalising millions of its own citizens for using a drug less harmful than alcohol and tobacco"

They're working on resolving that contradiction: by slowly outlawing tobacco and alcohol.


re Cannabis it was hilarious seeing the Government and media ruunig around like headless chickens trying to stifle Prof Nutts views.

We had "what sort of message will this give to our kids" it as though they are scared of telling our children the truth about drugs they have believed the lies so long they cannnot have them questioned.

I got onto the 5 live debate this morning and made the point what sort of message does it give our kids that magic mushrooms and ecstasy are in the same clas as Heroin and Cocaine. This lieig to our population is so counterproductive.

I noticed that by lunchtime the news had stifled any mention of prof Nutts speech available here for any one interested.The Government must dislike him immensely for exposing the whole fiasco over the upgrading of cannnabis...shame on the labour Government for furthur criminalising millions of its own citizens for using a drug less harmful than alcohol and tobacco


I hope Paul that if you meet Prof Nutt you shake his hand and congratuulate him for telling the truth.

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