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October 23, 2009


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Kay Tie

"Why can't the sport stand on its own feet rather than relying on subsidies? "

Gosh, you mean you're not into spending taxpayers money subsidising something irrelevant? There's a turn up for the books!

Now if you could only apply this maxim more widely, we might yet escape the debt crisis.

Paul Flynn

Why can't the sport stand on its own feet rather than relying on subsidies? Always these vague claims of profits from visitors? How many? What cost the disruption to Cardiff's already jammed streets. If people want play games with cars they should do on in an enclosed space, without bothering the rest of us.


Do you not see the bigger picture? There are huge spin offs to the Welsh economy as a result of the rally. How many bed nights will be booked in hotels and B&Bs over the course of the event, let alone other spending to local restaurants, garages and shops. This is a timely boost to their revenues in times of recession. This event will happen, and if it isn't funded by the Welsh assembly, then it will simply go to another part of the UK that welcomes it with open arms, and so will all the trade that would otherwise have gone to the Welsh economy.


Now, now, there will always be a place for you on the internet KayTie.

Kay Tie

Zero-occupancy brains should be banned from the internet.


Jessica Morden AM?

"Most importantly, they are saying the same prayer." The fact they're forced to pray is child abuse in my opinion. God-botherers are dangerous.

Get rid of the car and get a bike. No bridge tolls and you travel through the traffic. Single occupancy cars should be banned from major roads.



Says it all.

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