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October 19, 2009


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Paul Flynn

Smart idea, Howell. This claim of defeating of the home terrorism threat by dying in Afghanistan does not stand up to any serious analysis or debate.

Gareth Howell

Sorry. Since the PM openly admits that security at home depends on troops being in Afghanistan perhaps he could have an index prepared for him to determine exactly how the two interact.

for example if two UK plots are discovered by
M15,in one month, then send more troops.

If none are, bring more home.

He could announce regularly what the state of the troop/terrorist index is.

and proceed proportionately.

Gareth Howell

What is more those mountains spread across the borders of Pakistan and Iran.

The only sense of belonging, even in the 21stC,(AD)they have is that they are related to somebody in the next village, whether that is in Iran/Pakistan/or Afghanistan.

They are tribes people and they know it.

Gareth Howell

Remarking on the extra troops, somebody might at least ask what kind of state they are being sent to.

What category of state is it, on the index of failed states?

If you look carefully, Afghanistan is scarcely a state at all, merely groups of people, living in scattered villages in mountains some where in central Asia, with little sense of being Afghanis.

It must be quite difficult... to start a police force for example, to enforce the rule of the state...... which is a failed state.... scarcely exists.... and in my understanding... probably never will do.

Call it what you like.

Them thar's mountains.

Kay Tie

"Many of the illustrations are lifted from Google searches."

And what does Google say on the Google search results? "Image may be subject to copyright".

If you're saying that the laws you voted on in the House of Commons can be ignored if you think they are a bit trivial or pettifogging, then I'm happy to go with that. Should I get prosecuted, can I cite your attitude as an example of the will of Parliament?

"Choice of pictures is a minor matter compared with sending soldiers to die in vain in a war with impossible aims."

So is the filling in of my tax return. Shall I tell my tax office that you said it's OK to not bother?


Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that state borrowing between March and September hit the highest level since records began in 1946, having ballooned by £14.8 billion in September.

.. yet we want to fund more spending on Afghanistan? interesting priorities ..

Mr Ainsworth pledged that British troops would receive better equipment as part of the extra £3.5 billion spending this year on the Afghan war.

And while we're at it - inflation running at -1.4% , pensions up by 2.5% next year , isn't that nearly 4% in real terms ..

I sis think that we'd sort of agreed that cutting spending was a jolly good idea - or was that just in principle ?

Still , 'In the Thick of It' is back this Saturday ..

Paul Flynn

Thanks KayTie. I have published close to 1,000 blogs with roughly 3,000 pictures. A good proportion of the pictures are original ones I have taken myself. Other bloggers regularly lift both pictures and words. Why not? If people are precious about their copyright, I'd be happy to acknowledge it. In this case the montage did not help the story much and it could easily be replaced. The pictures are there to reinforced the message of the words not the other way round.

Many of the illustrations are lifted from Google searches. Choice of pictures is a minor matter compared with sending soldiers to die in vain in a war with impossible aims.

Kay Tie

"I am relaxed about the hundreds of bloggers who have used my images without acknowledgement. Help yourselves. What's the problem."

The problem is copyright law. You are relaxed about your own work, which is fair enough. So am I. But the law gives the owner the right to dispose if their work as they see fit. You sit in Parliament and vote on these laws. Should we too decide for ourselves which of your laws we will obey?

A second issue is one of politeness and manners. The bloggers in the UK offer a "hat tip" to their sources. I can understand that you might not know about such etiquette just as a newcomer to Britain might jot know that spitting in the street or pointing at someone is rude, but when the breach is pointed out you ought to conform, no? All the copyright owner was asking for was a hat tip for his photo, not some onerous licence agreement.

Finally, I would urge you to stick to the spirit of the net. If a copyright holder were to complain to your ISP they could get your blog taken down. They could complain to the police or the Parliamentary standards people. In these febrile times the whole thing could become overblown, sustained by the fact you're guilty of breaking both the letter and spirit of the law.

David Crowson

Pleased to support the rally opposing the presence of the 'Welsh/English Defence League' in Newport (or anywhere else for that matter)although the more that we bring these popele and their abnoxious views into the open the more likely it is that people will see them for what they are.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Baneswell Boy. The new councillor planned to sell off the Mansion House. Public opinion stopped that. He has stirred up this ugly racial prejudice on the basis of a falsehood. It has been reported in the media but not prominently. A Tory AM who discussed this on Dragon's Eye had no information on Peter Davies' role in stirring up the EDL.

Today's story is that the racist demo has been cancelled. The anti-racist one should still go ahead. I'll published the arrangements later in the week..

We are still waiting for Newport's Tories and LibDems to disassociate themselves from Peter Davies's comments.

Paul Flynn

What a boring lot. This blog's comments section is for serious people. Comments on the content are always welcome , Mindless abuse should be confined to blogs for mindless people. The illustrations are of secondary importance. Borrowing a mildly amusing montage is part of the anarchy of the blogosphere. Interesting that the bottom feeders of the blogosphere have nothing to say about the serious subjects of Afghanistan and EDL raised in yesterday's blog.


You call that garbage you produce work.

It would appeal to a minority of Eight years olds.

Why waste anymore of your tedious life commenting on serious political blogs.
Do what the others do , read the serious ones , look for material to criticise then play around on photoshop?

Oh and get no comments ask Cynical!

Paul Flynn

We have got the rough crowd in. I've never heard of Gigits. Happy to acknowledge his work. I am relaxed about the hundreds of bloggers who have used my images without acknowledgement. Help yourselves. What's the problem.
Yawn to the £10,000. It was accepted by the Fees Office office and the Inland revenues as wholly, exclusively and entirely part of my parliamentary duties. The total bill was £45,000. The £10,000 was the amount left in an allowance for that year. I'm proud of my campaign to expose the rip off by ambulance chasers. What i could not do was the risk the escalating costs. I have explained all this before. Read past blogs.

Lawson Narse

I know Labour have once again run out of other peoples money, but a hat tip to Gigits, for his excellent work, would cost nothing.
Please do the decent thing.


PF, get your digits off Gigits work until proper recognition given.

edgar egg

Are you MPS totally without decency? The image you are using for Ainsworth is one you lifted from Gigits. Give him a bit of credit.


Yes, a "hat tip" would be nice, Mr Flynn :-)

Baneswell boy

I'll be with you on the Friday night.

I would urge as many people as possible who live in the Stow Hill ward to turn up too. Lets send a message to cllr Peter Davies (who is unlikely to be there) that his election remains an abhorrence to some of us. His beliefs are not those of the majority of the people of Stow Hill. We deserve better representation. Lets make sure we get it at the next council election.


Come on Mr Flynn, you must give credit where credit is due for that excellent image by Gigits.

Oh, and no squirming your way out of the situation by deleting it ;-)


Paul, the image is from http://gigits-gigits.blogspot.com/2009/07/bob-ainsworth.html

I know you MP's steal anything not nailed down but at least give a chap credit for his work in mocking Bob Ainsworth(less).

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