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September 16, 2009


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Chris Long

Speaking of Biofuels, why has hemp not been utilized?
Considering it grows faster than any other crop currently used and when harvested leaves the ground in better condition than when it was planted. Also it has a CO2 absorbtion rate which beats that of newly grown trees.
With over 50,000 uses from food industry to textiles, its probably the MOST useful crop that we could have the fortune of having access to. Unfortunately only a handful of companies get MD29 licenses to grow it.

Kay Tie

I'm not against all biofuels: sugarcane in Brazil is very effective. And when we get cellulose enzymes that can digest corn stalks efficiently then the whole thing changes. It's science and technology that's going to lead us forward, not rationing and deprivation.

Paul Flynn

Thanks KayTie. I have just written to Ed Milliband about our biofuels policy. I will blog about this later today.

Kay Tie

Greens don't care about people - why else would they push for biofuel mandates that have no effect other than to starve people in the Third World? Or are these not Greens, merely ordinary politicians pretending to be green? It's so hard to tell a cynical statist planner from a Green.

I do hope the Fusor project works. Not just because it truly will save mankind, but also because we'll be able to see who is truly green and who was pretending all along.


Let's hope that as many scientists believe fusion can be used safely and help the world's dependence on fossil fuels.

Insulting the Greens
"grandiose plans for a Soviet-style planned economy and go back to complaining about disposable nappies."

This statement says a little about people that care and a whole lot more about you.

Kay Tie

The Polywell Fusor project at EMC2 just got its next round of funding:


A mere $8m is enough to take it through to the stage where we can see if it works. If it does, it's the end of fossil fuels. And a lot of egg on the faces of the ITER people!

Fingers crossed, because if it comes off then we can make the Greens give up with grandiose plans for a Soviet-style planned economy and go back to complaining about disposable nappies.

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