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September 15, 2009


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Kay Tie

Hey, Stalin was right to be paranoid.


"Paul needs to break out of the tribal grip of Labour first. He's like a mouse, mesmerised by the cobra, hissing "This Glorious Movement Of Ours..""

Says someone so trapped in paranoid imaginings that she views anything that is not unfettered free market capitalism as being directly comparable with the worst excesses of another person given to paranoia,Stalin.

Kay Tie

"You are a very wise man Paul, a credit to politics, if only it would listen to you and the public more....maybe we would see change?"

Paul needs to break out of the tribal grip of Labour first. He's like a mouse, mesmerised by the cobra, hissing "This Glorious Movement Of Ours.."

Chris Long

If you believe that the country would be better with respects to the views of those who post in this blog, then why not start up a political party of your own? Im sure you would have enough support from those in Wales and further afield.

You are a very wise man Paul, a credit to politics, if only it would listen to you and the public more....maybe we would see change?

Kay Tie

"Many thanks for all the comments. I agree enthusiastically with all of them. "

You like my moustache hatred proposals? When can we meet to draft a Private Member's Bill?

Paul Flynn

Many thanks for all the comments. I agree enthusiastically with all of them. What a great country we would have if the country was run by those who write to this blog


Must agree with Paul

Come out of Afghanistan, stop trident ID cards reduce to single figures our nuclear capability, stop thinking we are a world power and make our priority the well being food and energy security of our citizens,legalise and regulate all currently illegal drugs and we will have money squirting out of every government department.

And a 4 day week for everyone. For too long we have been sacrificing our health in the pursuit of money. Over 6 millon citizens on anti depressants each year our society is making people ill.Finding a public sector department with at least 20% off with stress is as common as rain in the lake district.

Paul Woodward

The thing that gets me is when Gordon said “Labour will cut costs, cut inefficiencies, cut unnecessary programmes and cut lower priority budgets”

So, why have they been and are still spending on unnecessary programmes (like Trident, ID Cards, the ISA scheme and the wars?). Why are they not trying to cut costs and inefficiencies now instead of building up more debt? Trying to out promise the Tories will not work, unfortunately actions speak louder than words.


Sorry to bang on about the economy but ..
so the Treasury report says that Labour are planning cuts of at least 9.3% - against the horrid Tories' 10%?
And that Gordon (how little time the bounce from Turing lasted..) may have been economical with the truth when tellin Parliament ?
Tsk, tsk I find that hard to believe ..
You see if he keeping lying then how exactly is he rebuilding trust with the electorate
- or are we just stupid and swallow any old rubbish ?
I have to say he makes it REALLY difficult to vote Labour and time is short ..


' He has a hopeless case to present and he does that badly. ' - true and true
BUT he cannot make the decision - PM and Foreign Secretary could - so why not ask them ?

Kay Tie

"people would have a go at him because of his mustache"

The LGBTM community must be outraged. Surely moustache hate is a crime? It's certainly inappropriate and unacceptable.

The Home Office need to draft a new bill outlawing the stirring up of hatred against persons on facial hair grounds.

Obviously there would be those that say this means that mocking slapheads would also be outlawed as an unintended consequence of the bill. I am sure the courts would interpret the will of Parliament correctly by reading in newspapers what ministers were reported as saying.

Paul Flynn

No. No. Bob is making the worst of a bad job. He has a hopeless case to present and he does that badly.
There were reports that the job was offered to several other MPs before Bob. Some of the other candidates have gone off to spend more time with their paid outside interests. Former Defence Minister Adam Ingram is reported to be picking up £170,000 and John Reid £50,000, while still being paid as MPs.
But even without facial hair or an accent, Bob's words yesterday are a death sentence to British soldiers and Afghan civilians. The sooner we start using words like 'deal' and 'exit' the sooner we will find a way out.

Paul Flynn

His accent is not a problem. His inability to speak decent English is a problem and a distraction from the message. Why be charitable to a series of Defence Secretaries who have been consistently wrong since 2006? Their failures to recognise what others have recognised has resulted in deaths and suffering. Being charitable means continuing with the futile slaughter.

Paul Woodward

Please go easy on poor Bob, unfortunately he is my representative in Westminster. He mentioned to the local paper back in August that people would have a go at him because of his mustache and Midlands accent. Don't prove him right.

To be fair there isn't much you can expect him to do as one of the least influential Ministers in the cabinet. I mean, where is he going to contribute to the Governments collection of databases to watch over us all?

Source: http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/2009/08/03/bob-ainsworth-easy-target-because-of-accent-and-moustache-92746-24299874/


To be charitable Ainsworth is making the best of a bad job in that he could not make the decision to come out of Afghanistan even if he wanted to.
What else would he say (always supposing he wants to keep his job) ' There is little or no progress and British troops are dying in a futile war ' - I think the back benches would beckon shortly afterwards
So unless he is a person of great courage I just don't think he could - even if I would like him to say something like that

Electorally it could go either way - there may be credit for finally recognising the truth but I suspect that in fact it would be reported as a lost war that cost soldiers lives for little effect on terrorism

SO maybe I'm being a tad cycnical but if we do come out it will be after May of 2010

Paul Flynn

Thanks Adam. I have been a member of the Western European Defence Committee for a while now. There is no chance of persuading other European countries to put their soldiers in more danger than now. We already have a NATO divided and ready to crack open. The planned conference will seek more troops from Germany/France/Italy. On the basis of what? Come and join a failing team in a hopeless war?


Ainsworth has said nothing as usual. As if his claims of progress are in any way in line with the facts. This is basically an insult. There is obviously agreement between Brown and Ainsworth to tough it out, carry on with ’resolve’.

What they are saying is of no substance. There is no spin that can prevent the deaths on both sides for no purpose. Public opinion is overwhelmingly against further British participation in this war.

'Bob Ainsworth said a military failure in Afghanistan would have "profound consequences for our national security" and "undermine the Nato alliance".

The NATO alliance is divided between countries that put their soldiers in mortal danger and those that will not. There is already a great divide between UK/Canada/Netherlands and France/Germany/Italy. The military failure has already happened. Continuing with an unchanged policy will lead to a British Vietnam.'

Well said. NATO allegiance is no excuse for British involvement in this war.

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