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August 27, 2009


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There is no justification for the loss of NATO soldiers’ lives or those of the several thousand Afghan civilians that NATO has killed. Of course anybody who pays attention to the media will know that they all too rarely challenge the government and the supporters of this war. They will parrot them saying that our national security requires these soldiers lives; but the argument for national security as a basis for this war is false.

On this false basis they will say that regrettably it is worth the lives of Britain’s soldiers. They will stop short of saying weather it is worth the lives of even greater numbers of Afghan civilians. The government will blunder on with ‘resolve’ and the press will parrot the governments’ arguments and provide jingoistic support.

Of course, neither of these entities will say that they are simply following America and repeating what those in Washington say. There is an American establishment built on the back of a military expenditure which is almost as big as the rest of the world combined. Britain itself is the fourth highest. The Pentagon must justify its own existence just as it had to during the cold war fighting in places like Vietnam.

Paul Flynn

An instant summary Tony of the history of the past 200 years in Afghanistan is that the tribes have always fought each other. If there are foreigners in their country, they fight them then go back to fighting each other.

The Afghans say now to us'You have the watches, we have the time.'


If we are talking about 'the way' of western nations operating in Afghanistan then should we refer to the British experience in the 19th centry the Russian in the 20th ?
Seems to me that they quite like their way of doing things, the money we give is quite handy and in the end we tend to leave them to get on with it ..
Is it reasonable for me to expect the same again this time round - eventually ?

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