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August 25, 2009


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"Why go on bellyaching about the freeing of the ‘Libyan bomber'?"

Well, because of the grief caused to the families who were opposed to it. Because it confirms the worst fears of those who think that Human Rights belong only to criminals.

Because of the uneasy feeling that someone did the right thing for the wrong reason. Because of the suspicion that our justice system is being politicised.

How do you not get why this is important to people on all sides of the debate?

(Many congrats on the new arrival, on a happier note :) )


Congratulations to you all on Elsie's birth.

I wondered if many MPs know that the plutonium produced by THORP can only be easily recycled into MOX until it is about 15 years old. So our 100 tonne or so of plutonium stock is a wasting asset, even by the nuclear industry own hopes.

The Pu-241 it contains decays with a short 14.1 year half-life into more radioactive americium-241, making it too dangerous to use in a MOX plant after about 15 years. Old plutonium needs to essentially be reprocessed again ("chemical polishing") to remove the americium if it is to be used for MOX. (Lower-burnup Magnox Pu may last a bit more than 15 years.)

This is mentioned in the NDA Plutonium Options paper. Flicking thru it I also notice:

"Thorp derived plutonium does not currently have the capability to be exported as there are no transport container licenses for Thorp plutonium cans."

So getting rid of the stuff is going to cost some (eg export to the French MOX plant), as well as the huge cost in producing it in THORP. What a job creation scheme!

Paul Flynn

Thanks Huw. I smell a rat. Some of the families in the know in this county are in favour of the Libyan being sent home. They probably know more than we do .We do not know the full story, I'm sure.


Congratulations to the Mom and Dad and I'm sure we all wish Elsie a long and happy life.

In relation to Megrahi, posture 3 is wishing that the appeal had continued and expected the conviction to be overturned and perhaps people could then wonder why Libya which was not a suspect in the bombing initially
was forced to pay "compensation" and hand over a "perpetrator" not to mention give up their nonexistent nuclear programme before being welcomed back into the world fold.
Most of us think the bombing was linked to Iran and while not approving of it have a pretty good idea why too.
We could also wonder why the captain of the Vincennes guilty of a remarkably similar to that which Megrahi was bizarrely convicted of, has not spent any time in jail at all.

Well not so much wonder really, the US is allowed to kill people with impunity, we should always remember that.

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