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August 10, 2009


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As they went against evidence and rationality anyway I think you are placing more weight on the effect of what Carne Ross might have said than is reasonable.

Also by implication it places part of the blame on him, which is grossly unfair.

The blame lies squarely with those who lied to bring the situation about and those who sheeplike followed them despite all that was obvious beforehand.

Paul Flynn

I agree with that huwOS. That was my opinion at the time. 139 Labour and 6 Tory MPs defied their parties' three line whip. It was 80 waverers among the Labour MP who made the difference. A leak from Carne Ross to an Mp or paper could have made the difference between Britain going in or staying out.


To be fair Paul, while some civil servants may have known some specific details that the issues we went to war with Iraq on were false, on the generalities most people in or out of government were aware that there was no justifiable reason for it.

Even those who didn't feel they knew with certainty that they were false, at least knew that no credible evidence was being put forward to make the case for war and what checkable "evidence" was presented was invariably proven to be false within a very short period of time.

We did not need civil servants to blow the whistle, people who went along with the call for war did so against all rationality.

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