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August 29, 2009


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Adam. That's a great link. The press are afraid to follow the lead of the public who have realised that this war is unwinnable. I was infuriated two weeks ago at the procession of apologists from the war that were on display in the papers and in the media.

There is another view. Lives have been lost for a rigged election. I had great reactions to the two broadcasts I did on national television. I AM STILL AVAILABLE - MEDIA. There are no holidays this recess.


This article is worth a read. It argues that as a parallel with Vietnam and Iraq, the news media is lagging behind an overwhelming public disapproval to the war.


'The war on Vietnam persisted for several horrific years after the polls were showing that most Americans disapproved. The momentum of a large-scale and protracted U.S. war of military occupation is massive and cataclysmic after the engine has really been gunned.

That’s one of the most chilling parallels between the wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan. The news media are part of the deadly process. So are the politicians who remain hitched to some expedient calculus. And so are we, to the extent that we go along with the conventional wisdom of the warfare state.'

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