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July 10, 2009


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Well done Paul this is an obscene tragedy perpetuated by our Political masters on our behalf.

They continue to shed blood onto our hands needlessly. Our loss of soldiers is indeed shocking but those of the ordianry Afghans seem more so. We have now stored up so much hatred and created new enemies by this action that we will be paying for it for many decades to come

Paul Flynn

Thanks very much Chris and beetee. The news is so awful and without hope that it is difficult to concentrate on anything else.


Could i add just how much i support your brave stand , Paul


Chris Carter

Sorry I havn't been commenting on your admirable contribution to the protest against the Afghan war.

This war started in 2001, I was 9 at the time and has been going on for almost as long as I can remember. Back a few years I remember people saying that these soldiers were giving their lives for our safety. However I couldn't help but feel the war had only endangered us further especially after the 7/7 bombings.

Yet, I can't help but feel that all this war has brought is lack of liberty in our nation. I say this because the anti-terror laws prevent the full right to protest, one of the founding principles of liberty.
"To give up ones liberty for ones safety is to give up both."

So are these brave men really fighting for our safety? It saddens me to say it, but no, they are not, there is little hope to be gained from this war.

I wish you the best of luck in gaining opposition to the war on Afghanistan, specifically Helmand, you certainly have many who will support your cause Paul. Good Luck.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Huw and Jolly. Helmand is one of the most disturbing issues of my political life. When we invaded peaceful Helmand three years ago, I was the only parliamentary Cassandra forecasting disaster. It's breathtaking to re-read the stupid optimism of Government and oppositions at the time.

Jolly Roger

Don't worry Huw, I'm still here,
I may still sicken you, but never fear.
We may have been quiet but our hearts are bleeding,
Paul's recent posts make such dismal reading.
There's little in 'em to be argued or cussed,
Paul's got the situation well sussed.
It's just a pity that his dishonourable mates,
Don't see that our troops have too much on their plates.

Equipment and numbers far below needs,
Get stuck in or pull out is what this fight needs.
As these heroes get killed our leaders delay,
And hope for an answer, maybe the next day.
Here's some help from this tactical old chancer,
You never know, it may be the answer.
The Government must heed General Officer Soldiers.
They know best and it was me that told youse.


I guess all your regulars are on holidays Paul, which must be a little depressing when you are posting your speech on what is a very big deal

Congratulations on the speech , well said even though I am not in agreement with the angle you take on it.
Fundamentally we both want the troops out, if for different reasons.

I still feel the bloodprice that is being paid is being paid by the Afghans and everyone else is a far distant also ran when it comes to it.

I also think it would take british deaths in the thousands to awaken any concerns with the general public.
Many would have to see Afghan deaths in the millions to be at all discomfited by our actions.

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