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July 27, 2009


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Kay Tie

The Telegraph is flushed with power. I think it needs to be taken down a peg: I'd hardly rank journalists as lovers of truth and justice.


The public is tired of money scandals.

I suggest:

"Re: My vacation plans

Location: secluded, romantic cottage
Duration: during your next business trip

Please give my regards to your significant other.

Yours etc..."

That ought to liven things up a bit.

Paul Flynn

That's true Richard T. Attempts at humour can rebound. The Guardian this morning says that my colleague Andrew MacKinlay answered the Telegraph's request with a suggestion that involved places where the sun does not shine.
The Telegraph has a shock headline revealing the £25 day subsistence allowance which was announced at least four months ago. Indavertantly, no doubt, they omitted the minor fact, that this represents a very substantial REDUCTION in the amounts that MPs can claim.

Richard T

It would be very tempting to reply to the impertinence of the Telegrpah's e mail that 'I'm about to fly off in my private jet to my own island in the West Indies, financed by screwing the expenses from Parliament. I'll be away for a couple of months.' The trouble is that they might even believe it.

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