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July 25, 2009


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very very good

Paul Flynn

They often die for an idealistic cause. KayTie. Fighting against fascism in Spain, against Hitler and recently in Sierra Leone, Bosnia and Kosova were noble causes.

Kay Tie

Soldiers die for their country, sometimes their monarch, but never the Government.

Paul Flynn

Wrong Jolly Roger.

My father and his three brothers and two sisters were all too bright to swallow the lie that it was worth dying for royalty. They were patriots and they accepted the propaganda that they were fighting for the rights of small nations. In this case it was 'gallant little Belgium.' Some of the soldiers were a bit surprised after the war to be ordered to beat up the rights of the small nation of Ireland.

Before the WW1 access to the truth was even more restricted than it is now. It was like a world where the only news available was from the pages of the Mail or Telegraph.

The royals now have the most sophisticated and expensive propaganda machine. It was set up after their loss of popularity after their cold reaction to the death of Diana.

Jolly Roger

Can't you leave it alone for minute?
There's a capital 'R' in Royalty, innit?
Or is this a churlish subterfuge,
To disguise an anti-Royalist refuge?
Your Dad 'n' mine, another machine-gun man,
Fought for King and Country and also our Nan.
They lived and died in the name of the King,
Not for some political idea or thing.

Do you imagine for even a second,
That soldiers would come if Gordon Brown beckoned?
It's a Royal Uniform that's always worn,
Any Nationalist garb would be treated with scorn.
Your snide remark regarding 'unseemly haste',
Tinges this post with a certain distaste,
By using the passing of brave Harry Patch,
For your anti-royalist feelings to attach.

Perhaps you even shame your Dad,
When he wore the King's clothes, that's all he had.
If he didn't like the King's whistle and flute,
He could have always taken the 'conchie' route.
But no, like my Dad, he stood and fought,
To keep King and Country in their Court.
So at such solemn times as these.
Please resist the snide remarks, please, Paul, please.

Kay Tie

If the last Tommy doesn't deserve a state funeral then no-one does.

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