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July 31, 2009


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Paul Flynn

Thank you Irene Fearn. I hope you are successful with Mike Penning. Your voice should be heard. There are other strident voices that dominate the debate now - even though they are in a minority. The great majority of us share your view. Parliament may well reach a decision in the next few months.

Irene Fearn

Thank you for your "Right to Die" views. I totally agree. Terry Pratchet-The Mail On Sunday (2/8/09) - expresses how most old people feel. A Living Will, signed by your doctor should be legal. I am a Conservative member and will be advising my MP Mike Penning what I think of Nadine Dorries' views. Would her family like to see her on a peg feed or placed in a home that stinks of urine? I think not. Die in Dignity.

Kay Tie

"My hopes have been raised so often in the past by brilliant arguments like this"

Maybe it's confirmation bias, but I am noticing more and more anti-prohibition articles surfacing in the media. It's hard to tell. Google Trends for the US media shows a big burst of stories about it in the early '90s.


Maybe it will be different this time: maybe the public purse will be under such pressure this time that the dam will burst.

Paul Flynn

That's a great story John. My hopes have been raised so often in the past by brilliant arguments like this, I am reluctant about getting too excited.


Paul thought you might be interested in this great article in yesterdays FT


Why it’s time to end the war on drugs

brilliant cogent argument

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