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July 15, 2009


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Paul Flynn

Interesting theory Huw. The Irish voted strangely last time. the Blair threat could push them over the edge.

Paul Flynn

Thanks. It was no painful in the Daily Mail. Te heroic dozen were modestly presented. the ones who had signed an EDM and then did not follow their support with a vote were crucified.

I agree Kay Tie. It was the right thing to do.


Tony Blair, ex pm, war criminal and envoy for peace in the middle east for president of Europe.
A cunning move in an attempt to discourage the Irish from passing the treaty that.

Very devious and who knows it might just work.

Chris Carter

Oh sweet Jesus


(please excuse my blasphemy)


The extradition treaty is so one sided - why do we agree to this? Or is it a 'special' treaty for the 'special ' relationship ?
I was surprised that so many Labour MP's rolled over for this. If it not to inflict defeats on the government then is it a good time to bring some of the 'tough stuff' to Parliament if the Labour MP's won't rock the boat?

And don't worry about the Daily Mail - their adulation won't last

Kay Tie

The extradition treaty is an utter scandal, abused by the US with the connivance of the Government. The Daily Mail isn't always wrong - after all, a broken watch is right twice a day.


Praise from the Daily Mail is indeed wounding but if suffer you must then at least you do so for a good cause.

Far far nobler ... No greater love ... etc etc

Careful though Paul, you might start giving people expectations of their political representatives, then where would we be.

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