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July 23, 2009


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Paul Flynn

Don't encourage him, KayTie.

It's not because you are a Tory Richard that you are not welcome here. Many of my correspondents are. It's because you confuse schoolyard insults for debate. To answer you means getting down to your level.

Many sites are exchanges of brainless foul abuse. Try them. On this one we have our standards.

Kay Tie

"Hell, despite being an EDUCATED ethnic, I'll even vote BNP if it meant getting rid of the likes of Kay Tie & Paul Flynn."

Why would voting BNP get rid of me?

Grant Tucker

I must agree the Celtic Manor is the jewel in the crown for Newport. I often drive along that road because its so beautiful here are few pictures I took the other day:



Adam J

Indeed, as Tom Paine said:

'To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead'

Paul Flynn

Two puerile postings from someone named 'Richard'. This site is the reserved for conversation between intelligent people. You are not qualified to contribute Richard, so you have been zapped.

Kay Tie

"Perhaps one day you will realise that being left of centre does not mean everyone agrees on everything"



So what are you saying KayTie, that patrick raised concerns because he is a socialist, or that Paul has praised the resort because he is not.

Perhaps one day you will realise that being left of centre does not mean everyone agrees on everything, it was after all one of the greatest strengths of the old labour party and one of the greatest criticisms by the right wing drones that conference was a hotbed of argument and disagreement.

New Labour's lurch to the right and its seizure of Tory ground, policies and attitudes was marked by a stifling of argument and dissent and the now familiar happy harmonious and rather pointless mockery of
conference was brought into being.


I work near the Celtic Manor, and can vouch that there's a fair bit of wildlife around there - the rabbits and woodpeckers are lovely.

Kay Tie

What on Earth has the water usage of a golf course in Wales got to do with the water usage of villages in other countries? It's not as if the golf course is using up the water that the villages could have had instead. You might have noticed it does tend to rain a bit in Wales and consequently water is bountiful there.

Socialists are so keen to find fault with things that aren't wrong. Is it any wonder that when they get their claws on power that they unleash a wave of sanctimonious Puritanism? In olden days the pursed-lipped whiners were complaining about cross-strapped yellow garters. Today it's about people playing golf.


It is not often that you see 'man-made beauty' and 'Newport' in the same sentence - Fair play they have done an excellent job at Celtic Manor

Paul Flynn

Ben Bradshaw raised the problems of the use of chemicals yesterday, Patrick, and the leeching of them. As a former agricultural minister he is knowlegdable about pollution. It's a fair point. But golf courses, especially developing ones, are subject to stringent controls - far more than the previous farmers had. They did they share of polluting.

The new lakes on the sites are part of a complex drainage system. They are very attractive and nature takes over very rapidly. They become part of the landscape and, I hope, a habitat for wildlife. No fox hunts over this vast tract of land.

There is a planned Sustrans cycle route trough the Golf Courses. They will be a shield of willows to ensure that cyclists are not hit by golf balls. Willows are a traditional part of the levels on the other side of the hill.


"Now it employs 600 to 1,000 people and it is a paradise of man made beauty"

Man made beauty including plastic flowers ,herbicides,chemical fertilizers, pesticides and wastes enough water each year for about 50 Thousand Third World villages to flourish.

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