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July 03, 2009


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Paul Flynn

It's a strange experience Adam to hear to hear so many people from Government and opposition who in abject denial of the obvious facts abou the outcome of the Helmand Mission. 'Herrick' will again be praised as a great success on Wednesday.

Paul Flynn

Great thought Tony. Plus a fresh analysis. I'll try to read the book.


..who says economics is dismal ..


I've just started reading this book by Paul Krugman and it makes startling reading ..


The contention is that the biggest period of growth in the US was between the end of the depression and the early 70's when the following was in play

1. party concensus on p 'the right system'
2. higher taxes to pay for spending
3. organised labour
4. decline in income inequality

So what do we have in the UK right now ?

1. party consensus on the 'the right system'
2. both parties fighting to avoid raising taxes
3. disorganised labour
4. the biggest increase ever in income inequality in the last 20+ years

Now this guy is a US economics professor and Nobel prize winner and I've looked at some of his sources - and its factual what he describes ..

So maybe one of the parties in the UK might like to consider this ?
Raise taxes to pay for the social state and trim out the stuff that states should leave alone ..

..just a thought ..


An aknowledgement that this is far more than what they tried to present it as at the time would be good.

As you have written earlier Paul, since 2006 NATO casualties have been shooting up.

Defeating the 'Taliban' is all that matters according to them. In fact in the Pashtun areas there are great numbers of people who are joining the resistance out of neccessity (poppy eradication being one factor) or out of legitamate grievances.

It will all be painted as some vital measure to drive the Taliban out. The civil and military strategies are failing, and the current indefinate fight against the resistance and the occupation of the Afghan people is counterproductive and has been handled badly.

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