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July 13, 2009


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I won't be drawn into discussing my position, Huw. I asked my elected representative a perfectly reasonable question, and I don't think it's too much to expect an answer, even if that answer is "haven't got a clue."


And in return DG perhaps you can explain how we can do either of those, with feet on the ground, not to mention helicopters, missiles and bombs.


Paul, I'm still not quite clear on what you're proposing should be done here. You agreed we have a moral obligation to do our best to protect the people of Afghanistan from both the whims of warlords and the oppression of the Taliban. I don't see how we can do that without feet on the ground.

Can you explain?

Paul Flynn

Thanks. I would no more contemplate leaving the Labour party than I would think of announcing that I am no longer Welsh. It's a core part of me. I have a far stronger and deep-rooted claim to be 'of the Labour Party' than most members of the Cabinet.
Yesterday in the private meeting with the Foreign Secretary, I could talk at length not just to Daivd Milliband but to many other labour MPs who are open to have their minds changed on this subject. If I had not been there, no-one would be putting the arguments I am making in the three EDMs. This is crucial. Opinions must be changed.


It's not that perplexing Jolly that a man who delivered leaflets for Jim Callaghan as a young boy in the 1940's should still be a member of the Labour party at aged 74.
The question in mind is -
If Labour can only aquire and maintain power by adopting right wing tory policies then what is the point of the party?
Should the tories take the next election by storm the irony will be that nobody will notice any difference.


THis is the problem we have when Politicians are unable to see that there understanding of a situation is based on their own mental construct which bears little realtionship to the reality of the situation. Its to keep our streets safe it stops the terrorists at the source the usual rhetoric we hear everyday no evidence to back this up and the total opposite is the case.
Our actions in Afghanistan are building up hatred that will take many years to dissipate it is acting as a recruitment drive for the taliban. And remember the perpetuators of 9/11 where Saudi's not form Afghanistan and the London Bombers where home grown.
How long Politicians will be able to sustain this dysfunctionality is any bodies guess. Yet each day they do, furthur deaths and suffering occurs.

Jolly Roger

How can you, Paul, remain the kin,
Of this Party of lies, bullsh*t and spin?
The rattish Ainsworth's response to you,
Tell's you exactly what you can do.
"Temper your views"? The second word was 'off',
From Ainsworth, contender for King of the Trough.
Not a mention of the Bacha Bazi Boys,
I expect he didn't want to make a noise.

The same can be said of Brown Tongue Brown,
Who ignored the points that you'd clearly put down.
He was too happy to listen to Karzai's assurances,
Than mention the Pederast Police's abhorrences.
He clearly saw these wicked acts,
As an obstruction to his version of the facts.
I puzzles me how you can remain a part,
Of a party that's simply lost it's heart.

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