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July 30, 2009


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Ah, well. Back to discarded betting slips then...

Just occurred to me:

"Am I the only backbench MP who is not on holiday?"

If everyone has answered the Daily Telegraph's questionnaire, you might have had an answer to that.

Paul Flynn

That right DG. The Commons are following the rule that say that these communication will not be political. Unfortunately it is also less interesting if the language has to be filleted to take out even mild criticism of this sort.

No prizes, I'm afraid. That would definitely be against the rules.


In version B (as Kay Tie says) you ascribed motive to the county council (naughty...) and inadvertently made political points about how much community councils cost and Tory expenses scandals, which could be viewed as "campaigning"

Do we get a prize?

Paul Flynn

I think that is correct KayTie. When I first raised the issue, the Council was defended by two correspondents who attempted to justify the threatened evictions. One was clearly well informed and may have been a member of the Rogerstone Council.

The ridicule in the national press did alarm them. Mrs Avery is very grateful

Kay Tie

You said "shamed". That implies that they felt guilt and culpability. But I doubt that's true: they probably merely felt the pressure and made a tactical withdrawal.

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