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June 25, 2009


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Kay Tie

"Kay-Tie and the rest of awkward squad"

I wear my awkward-squad badge with pride!

Paul Flynn

I will publish the transcript of the 'answers' I had from the Lockheed Martin man as soon as it is available. I am told it is 'contractors-speak'. I wonder if anyone can translate it for me?

Thanks for the information about the likely crash or not. Perhaps the online contributions are spread over a few days. The idea is to record the state of the population on one specific day.

Kay-Tie and the rest of awkward squad, immigrants, poor speakers of English and migrant workers, those living in gated communities will certainly diminish the value of the results.


I wouldn't worry about the electricity supply, most people who'll fill in their forms would have their computers on in the evening anyway. But yes, the capacity issue is huge. Wasn't that why the Working Tax Credit online scheme was abandoned?


Well we all know the track record on IT projects with reagrd to the Census

I suspect that the answer would have said that the census does not need to filled in on one day so the 15m will be a spread load ..

So the load projections will work on an average - the question to these guys is:

'do you have enough 'on demand' capacity if the workload on the census system exceeds the projected average ?' So is it scalable to respond to demand ?

For example the servers for the All England Tennis Club are miniscule for 50 weeks a year because traffic to the web site is low - for the next two weeks they effectively wheel in lots of extra servers to handle the load - ask 'em if they've got that set up ..

IT - don't you just love it ?


"Tory MPs are quietly seething. Speaker Bercow was bad enough but Cameron is infuriating them."

That's a point in his favour, I guess.

Kay Tie

Quite how you pay tax when it's not due is rather interesting. The whole hairshirt fines concept is just bizarre. That's politics.

Oh, on the topic of the census: I shall lie through my teeth. The Government collects too much data on us already so I will do my best to make it worthless. If enough people join me then the whole project will be wrecked and the New Stasi apparatchiks will have to resort to snooping some other way.

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