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June 22, 2009


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Grant T

I'm a tory, much to the dismay of my trade unionist grandfather and socialist grandmother, but they have lost faith in the Labour Party - actually New Labour.

However I have much admiration for good politicians, whether it be Tony Benn and Dennis Skinner or Margaret Thatcher and Patrick Cormack. So yes I would love a debate Chris, when are you available in Starbucks? ;)

BTW, I am not so fond of the new Conservative party, and David Cameron has yet to gain my full support. Quite frankly I think he is another Blair, all talk no action.

Paul, I just realised that you may well know my grandparents they owned the video shop in Pontfaen about 20 years ago. Their names are John and Janet Tutt.

Cheers Grant.

Chris Carter

Thankyou Paul,

Grant if you're hoping for a debate you can be sure I'll give you one :), do you mind if I ask you if your leaning left or right Grant?

Paul Flynn

Thanks Grant T. I appreciate your comments. Chris Carter, recently pictured here is 17 and a student at Bassaleg. There are youn people in the Labour Party. He is a splendid example.

Paul Flynn

I was tempted to show John Bercow your e-mail, KayTie, when I received it this afternoon on my Blackberry inthe Chamber. As he had introduced a fair number of innovations in his first hour, I had second thought. I will give at least a few more days to see how it goes.

Kay Tie

"John Bercow will prove them wrong and become unassailable"

Shall we see whether he reprimands Gordon Brown for announcing Parliamentary reform on Radio 4's World At One today rather than coming to the House and telling the people directly affected by his proposals? You know, the very thing that John Bercow promised he'd stamp out?

If he gives Gordon a dressing down, compelling TV. If he doesn't, watch his new authority ebb before it had a chance to flow.

Paul Flynn

I believe it's unprecedented for a large group of MPs to plot the downfall of a Speaker immediately after his election. This is what the Tories, the Mail and Telegraph are doing. John Bercow will prove them wrong and become unassailable

Grant T

I can't believe the Mail and Telegraph and making such a fuss out of this. It doesn't matter what his political allegiences are, this role is above party politics, it's explicitally non-political. John Bercow, I am sure will make a fine speaker and it will be nice to see a fresh face in the Speakers chair. Lets hope he can rekindle some of the old fieriness of the chair, like Betty Bothroyd use to.

As for your expenses any normal honourable man or woman can see they are perfectly legit and you have done nothing wrong. The kind of people like "papa", are the last few workers at the telegraph expenses office, they have run out of all the big stories so are trying to make mountains out of molehills. Its as simple as that.

Kay Tie

"Now for the reforms."

Aye. Decision made. Let's see what happens. I hope it's some taming of the executive. Giving power to select committees. And making the Prime Minister answer questions at Prime Minister's Questions.

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