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May 29, 2009


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Very true Paul - but in terms of a European issue the lack of the referendum does seem to be a big one - at least for me
If politicians being accoutable is what is causing the fuss at the moment then perhaps this is one question that needs to be answered
Why no referendum on a big part of the political future of the UK? Or can't we be trusted ?

Paul Flynn

I hope you feel better Tony after your lie-down. The reality of politics in the European parliament is that we need more Labour / Socialist MPs. A vote for the LibDems is likely to allow a second Tory a seat. That will mean two MEPs who do not even live in Wales.


If the reforms happen and Parliament again becomes a legislating and scrutinising body then that will be excellent.
I am concerned about mob rule and these reforms being rushed by party leaders in hair shirt mode but I think thats an inevitable result of the head of steam that built up over this
What does feel right is that if fraud has been committed then that person is prosecuted and the timing of that should not be at their discretion.
MP's who have committed fraud should not be able to wait until the next election - they need to go now (just like any other person caught doing that )

As far as the European elections are concerned I could not vote for a party that decides on a person based on their skin/creed/nationality

..equally I find it tough to vote for Labour after the referendum choice on the Lisbon treaty was denied ..

..but we need to be engaged with Europe so not UKIP either
..oops , Lib Dem as a vote , I'm off to lie down as that would be a first ..


Kay Tie speak
"blind tribal loyalty" = not wholeheartedly supporting Kay Tie
"bitter old trot"* = not agreeing with KayTie

* while many might assume it would mean having views to the left of KayTie in financial matters (ie centre right or extreme centre, not sure what left wing views would get you called, almost afraid to find out), and indeed it is often first used in that context,
once it has been used it is repeated even when the topic being discussed has no relationship to political alignment.

From its frequent use it seems it is also deployed when KayTie just wants to let off a bit of steam whether disagreeing with a point of view or not (like the F word in some circles).

Paul Flynn

Not to the Labour Party Patrick. I have you down as a 'Green'. You should have some MEPs next week.


Kay - Tie
Who am i showing blind tribal loyalty to?

Paul Flynn

Diolch yn fawr Ceri am eich geiriau caredig dros ben.

Kay Tie

You think the quality of legislation is high? You think there is a good standard of scrutiny of bills? You think the Government is held to account by members?

If only the British people showed such blind tribal loyalty as you.. then we'd be living in a totalitarian state.



"If an MPs job is truly fulltime then it's high time that they actually did a proper job."

If only all the British people were as hard working and honest as you!

ceri jones

"I had invited Newport West voters to question me on parliamentary expenses. The meeting room was full. But the response was universally warm and supportive."

Nid wyf yn synnu dim. Rydych yn ddyn o egwyddorion cadarn a gonest iawn. Gwahanol fydd y croeso i eraill nad oes ganddynt eich ymroddiad a'ch crebwyll

Kay Tie

"An MP’s job is a fulltime one."

There's not a lot of evidence that they are spending the time scrutinising legislation. The quality of bills passed is just awful. If an MPs job is truly fulltime then it's high time that they actually did a proper job..

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