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April 26, 2009


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Kay Tie

"KayTie, the opposition to the move of the Patent Office is long dead. It was named in the Lyons report as a model relocation of jobs from the South east of England."

The "long ago" I referred to was, I think 10BB (Before Blair, or 1987AD in old-fashioned years).

Paul Flynn

KayTie, the opposition to the move of the Patent Office is long dead. It was named in the Lyons report as a model relocation of jobs from the South east of England.



Understood, thanks for clarification

Paul Flynn

Yes DG, there have been redundancies in the public sector. I gave the example of the IPO. But there are a much smaller proportion than the losses in the manufacturing sector.


"Newport's large numbers of public sector jobs will help the city to weather the storm."

No redundancies planned in the public sector? Seems odd.

Paul Flynn

Thanks KayTie. Under the present rules it would impossible to claim for a house abroad. The rules hav been rigidly enforced since the Tory Michael Trend was caught claiming for a house in london that did not exist. That was in the previous parliament. Every month the details of the dwelling must be backed with a signed declaration.

I do not believe a word the Mail says - especially when they are not attributed to any known source.

However I do take seriously comments by Andrew Rawnsley and Jackie Ashley and others who have said there are new horrors to come in July. There were allegation about one labour MP who has a house in Italy. He answered that fully.

The three group leaders do not appear to understand how allowances work.

Jolly Roger

Well now, Paul, here's a to-do,
And again I have to agree with you.
Of course, I disagree as well,
Which will become apparent as time will tell.
Expenses reforms are an urgent need.
The public are sick of the MP's greed.
But I'm afraid Gordon's plan is a little too late.
To save MP's reputations from a well deserved fate.

It matters not whether Labour or Tory,
Lib-Dem or Nationalist, it's the same old story.
And not a word of protest, least of all from you,
Until this latest hullaballoo.
And now Parliamentarians from their positions above,
Cry out in unison, "it wasn't me Guv.".
Look out for sparks when the disclosure comes,
I foresee a few out on their bums.

The Mail's not far out at this state of play,
That MPs claim around 208K.
Your frugal status has been stated before,
Yet you managed to claim 204.
I know, I know that staff salaries are inc.
But you still get tainted with the exe's stink.
And what are we to think, what on earth was meant,
When you voted against Transparent Parliament?

Nothing to fear, nothing to hide.
That's all we hear as Jacqui Smith's chide.
Well, now the truth's out and I'll bet she's pig-sick,
At the handiwork of her husband, Dick.
There's plenty more coming, so we've been told.
Guido is getting bolder than bold.
So here it is, at Gordon's request,
My suggestions that I hope will pass the test.

All second homes to be owned by the People,
Be they basement, a semi or even a steeple.
Their status commensurate with the MP's position.
And not an indicator of the MP's ambition.
Receipts for ALL expenses claimed.
Just like the rest of us who can't be blamed.
A new parliament's needed. MPs have earned short shrift.
Did I hear Cameron at conference talking about thrift?

Kay Tie

Are you by any chance referring to this meeting?


Brown shaking his fist at Cameron and Clegg? Well, at least they should be grateful they didn't get a Nokia phone or a laser printer thrown at them..

The stories of the to-be-published expense claims appear to be circulating. Can it really be true that an MP has claimed second home allowance for a house abroad? If that is true then it won't just be standing-down-at-the-next-election, it will be Chiltern Hundreds and Fraud Squad..

"There is better news from the Intellectual Property Office where 100 redundancies were feared."

That takes me back. Long ago I went to see Parliament to lobby a minister and sat in the gallery waiting to hear him answer questions. There was a question about the paper industry to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (then Ken Clarke). Some old Tory duffer on the back benches got up virtually incandescent with rage. Turns out that he was dozing off and heard the magic word "patent" rather than "paper" and railed about the Patent Office being relocated to Wales.. Seems that the IPO has bedded down well since then!

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