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April 27, 2009


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Paul Flynn

It was 7 years ago. I do not remember where I found it.

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Graham Temby

Dear Sir, I am an Education Officer for a wildlife organisation. I am currently putting together some educational work based on the Eurasian lynx.
I noticed a superb photo on your site of a lynx running - Lynx 07.
I wondered if you held the copyright, or, if not, could you tell me who does? It will be ideal for an educational source for parts of speech.
Best regards,
Graham Temby

Gareth Williams

You know as a LibDem supporter, I wish Nick Clegg wasn't such a non-entity. The LibDems really need someone whom the public could identify in some way.

atm, I think the vast majority of people are essentially "Nick, who?"

As for the Lynx, I think that's wonderful news. It's the same type of thing with the Welsh Red Kite populations, being reintroduced in England and Scotland. The U.K has some wonderful flora and fauna.


I was not aware of Mrs Obama's actions.
Had a look at it and it's amazing at the fury of the agrichemical business because one person (although an important one) decides to have an organic garden.
These manufactures of poisons really are bad news. The danger is that as world population rises the existing landmass needs to be more productive and you no where that will take us....GM.

Nobody knows the extent of damage to wildlife that GM will cause. It is a complete lottery.

Paul Flynn

The argument is a sound one if you can forget the myth that the papers have produced in recent weeks. If MPs have to pay money earned in the gamble of house purchase that makes money they should be entitled to be compensated when that gamble loses money. Ever MP who has bought a property in London since 2005 has lost on it. It was their decision to buy rather than rent or use hotels. The argument is a non starter because neither will happen. What is shocking is that Clegg does not appear to understand that mortgage payments cannot be claimed out of MPs allowances.


Thanks for the responses Paul - I'll take a harder look at the Margaret Haywood thing.

Just for clarification, on Nick Clegg - the point I was trying to make was that I'd much rather MPs didn't spend too much time poring over the rulebooks since there seem to be far too many ways to take the mick within the rules that unscrupulous people will exploit.

By emphasising that "only" mortgage interest should be paid, I believe Nick's aiming to persuade the tabloid readers that this entitlement should continue without having to have an argument about it - in fact, they'll end up arguing the point /for/ him.

Not so stupid :)

Not sure what's with the appreciation/depreciation argument, though.

Paul Flynn

No DG, I have not commented on the nurse who was struck off because all the information I have is from the press. We know how unreliable and manipulative they are.

The information she put into the public domain is valuable and important. But she certainly broke the rules of her own profession by filming patients, some of them naked, without their permission. Was there any other way that this information could have been presented in order for changes to be made? There usually are facilities for whistle blowers to make their point. What was the relationship between this lady and those who broadcast the videos?

It would be interesting to see the full details of why she was expelled. It is unlikely that her professional organisation has any interest in suppressing the truth.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Patrick. Yes I know some farmers do work on the side of wildlife and nature. There are unfortunately a tiny minority. I have friends in the organic farming going back for 30 years.

Paul Flynn

DG. It's elementary and obvious. MPs CANNOT claim for mortgage payments in any circumstances. The press have lied and re-lied saying, they can. If the taxpayers was paying for mortgage payments there might be some point in claiming that house appreciation cash should go back to the taxpayers. But depreciation should also be compensated for. The latter is not possible and neither should the former be.

Is Nick Clegg ignorant or stupid? We need to know.


Paul, on a different subject - please could you comment on Margaret Haywood being struck off the nurse's register?


"Nick should spend more time reading the Green Book rules on MPs claims rather than swallowing the lying bile of the tabloids."

I think that some MPs have spent too much time reading these rules already - we're told that most of the claims that are totally taking the mick are "within the rules".


Couldn't agree with you more Patrick the sight of Mrs Obama ripping up the white house lawn to plant an organic vegetable garden is an example to us all.

The response by the huge agrichemical lobby to her actions is an example of the resistance to producing our food while respecting nature rather than their profits.

Our food security in the UK is non existant this should be addressed immediatly by our Leaders. If we wish to preserve our environment protect our indiginous species and encourage them while providing nutritous food that actually tastes like it shoud the Govenrment should subsidise the Organic farming movement as a priority. It is mor elabour intensive so will create sustainable and long term employment.

its a no brainer in my book


"The farmers insistence is creating a wild animal-free habitat perfect for cultivating subsidies and profits."

Placing farmers as a collective group in this way is as simplistic as making statements about all MPS.
There are plenty of farmers still farming chemical free and contributing a great deal to nature.

If we want to take a serious look at damage done to our beatiful British countryside we need to go back to the end of the second ww.
Mass food production was demmanded by government and with it came the chemical poisons and Monsanto.

We have lost nearly all our meadows and wild flowers, ponds , and pollinators and replaced them with industrialised green deserts with not a flower head in sight.

Let's not forget that it was government policy that set and has maintained this agenda.

The only hope left to safeguard the future for precious pollinators bees, butterflies etc is to farm organically . As this method is financially non-viable for most farmers it would have to be subsidised.

The problem here is that no government would consider this as the poison producers are in control and the sums are huge.

End result

Monsanto 10 - Nature 0

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