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March 23, 2009


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Paul Flynn

He is one of the puzzles of my life too, Graham.

He has modelled himself on Tony Blair. He even started to talk like TB begining his sentences with "Look". The last time I questioned him at a Select Committee he praise 'Choice'. He said we asked people what they wanted and they wanted choice. I asked him how many said they did not want choice. "Very few' he replied. I suggested to him that it was a very stupid question.

He reads from a script. No one has told him yet that there is a new script of Afghanistan.

Graham Marlowe

I continue to wonder what Hutton is doing in a "Labour" (well, allegedly) government?. Every time he appears on radio he is urging stronger action and trying to "shame" other countries into joining the unwinnable war. The man is like Lord Byron, according to Lady Caroline Lamb ("mad, bad and dangerous to know"). Pity he didn't stick to his student day principles and stay a Tory.

This shows again how out of his depth Brown is: why keep people like that, a uber-Blairite, in his cabinet? He had the ideal chance to make a fresh clean start and rid himself of idiots like that back in June 07 - he knew for long enough he was going to be leader, so he had plenty of time to prepare. Same goes for Purnell (who I notice, in Hewitt style snootiness) refers to himself as "Pur-nell" - I suppose it sounds posher and more befitting his superior education.

As it is, Brown shows himself to be totally out of touch by keeping these relics in cabinet.

I am pleasantly surprised by Obama: I wonder if Hutton will tone his remarks down in light of the new American position, or if he GENUINELY believes the war should go on, he will resign as a matter of principle (assuming the Brown cabinet knows what principles are?)

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