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March 25, 2009


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David Hadley

From the Combined Veterans' Forum International
eMail letter 26th March 2009

Sirs ,

Debate in Parliament 25th March 2009
Iraq War Inquiry

This Forum applauds all Members of Parliament who spoke in support of the need for an Inquiry into the events leading up to the Iraq war , the conduct of the war , the strategy since and the need to learn lessons for the future benefit of the nation and our armed forces ,

We were particularly impressed by the number of MP's who expressed an opinion that evidence presented to the Inquiry be given in public, under oath , wherever possible and only in private when the evidence could endanger the lives of our security services . The public , rightly, have a need for this openness in order to regain trust in our political process .

To quote just some of the excellent content of the debate, the speakers expressed an opinion the war was a folly , waged to satisfy the hubris of our former Prime Minister , the intelligence was manipulated to follow an agreed agenda in 2002 between Blair and Bush, the bogus reasons for war was a political failure , the results of the war were not a failure of our military who have acted magnificantly and all was the fault of the government only . The impasse that led us to war could have been avoided however but the main opposition party failed in its duty to adequately question the government's reasons for committing our armed forces to this conflict .

The general consensus of opinion from the debate on the 25th is the views of our parliamentarians and our democracy are increasingly held in contempt by the leaders of Government . A point , in our view , substantiated during the debate by the cynicism and disingenuous input by Derek Twigg MP , a former Minister for Veterans , who from a long line of former and current Ministers for Veterans can be relied upon to defend the interests of the Ministry of Defence in preference to the interests of current and former serving members of the armed forces . This former Minister's attempt to shift the focus of the Inquiry away from the need to look at events leading to the war was pitiful to behold and culminated in an incorrect assessment that members of the armed forces have no desire for an Inquiry .


Can't thank you enough for the heads up about Spandau Ballet reforming. That's great news!


Good on you for reading out the names of the British casualties of the Iraq war.
It's a shame that the British public are more interested in the reformation of Spandau Ballet!.
It might also be a good idea for a British MP to read out the names of all the casualties of the Iraq war. This sadly would involve a fact finding mission, many different interpreter's and several weeks in time to read out over TWO MILLION NAMES.

Are you reading Tony Bliar?

At least we have the prospect of an inquiry IN SECRET to look forward to!

Graham Marlowe

Knowing the liars in the cabinet I wouldn't even think there would be an enquiry into the Iraq war after July 31st. Miliband could argue that as a token force will be left in Iraq the enquiry will not happen till AFTER they return - and by that time New Labour will be out of office.

It's strannge: Auntie Tony was always going on about "his legacy", and doubtless he had vainglorious ideas as to what that might be. Well, we know

A man who lied about WMD so he could be an ignorant President's poodle

A man who encouraged greed, which we still see in some of his own MPs

A men who eroded deliberately the privacy of the people of this country

The decimation of the Post Office network

Some legacy! - not that it will bother him - he and his greedy wife are content to shamble round the world making lots of lovely money.

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