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March 22, 2009


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Graham Marlowe

Oh McNulty is a very arrogant man - I remember his pronouncements when he worked in defence and at the home office. Not long ago he was one of the deluded idiots who saw "green shoots" like Lady Whats-her-name.

What angered me about him was his hypocrisy. He "felt uncomfortable" taking the money - so why the hell did he do it?. I assume nobody is FORCED to claim expenses?. Another unnamed London MP complained when McNulty, having got caught suggested the payments should not apply to London MPs whined that others (he or she presumbably) "needed the money". Needed it?. They can't get by on a salary of £63,000 per year plus the John Lewis list?. How do they think people on benefits get by?. And Tory Boy Purnell grudge those modest payments. New Labour stinks. I just wish Brown would call an election and have done with it, then he will have to resign and a new leader might cleanse Labour of it's Blairite scum.


Well he seems to think he has done nothing wrong on the expenses that paid towards his parents home. Maybe the rules do need to be changed but frankly McNulty is a senior politician and might have been expected to know better or even to know what it would look like when it came out ?
So is it a messup , or is it arrogance?
I tend towards arrogance if only because he was on the news and he did not sound very contrite
You know the worse thing - my reaction on hearing this was a shrug - not surprised at all
And I think I've mentioned before once MP's no longer engage and respect the electorate then maybe we'll start questioning our return engagement - then the problems will really start

Graham Marlowe

"How Nigel Griffiths voted on key issues since 2001:

Has never voted on a transparent Parliament. votes, speeches
Voted moderately for introducing a smoking ban. votes, speeches
Voted strongly for introducing ID cards. votes, speeches
Voted very strongly for introducing foundation hospitals. votes, speeches
Voted strongly for introducing student top-up fees. votes, speeches
Voted very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws. votes, speeches
Voted very strongly for the Iraq war. votes, speeches
Voted strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war. votes, speeches
Voted a mixture of for and against replacing Trident. votes, speeches
Voted very strongly for the hunting ban. votes, speeches
Voted moderately for equal gay rights. votes, speeches
Voted for laws to stop climate change. votes, speeches " Source: TheyWorkForYOu

That is the record of Griffiths. Toes the party line, even though he has a majority of only 405 (Goodbye, Mr Griffiths).

This is deja vu: the dying days of ther Major government saw the sleaze where money and sex are concerned. Of course it is not new even in the Blair "purer than pure" administration - we had Ron Davies cottaging, Chris Bryant posing in his underpants for a gay website and the even less well dressed Stephen Byers, propositioning a lady at a conference in his hotel room wearing only his socks and glasses (the mind boggles!). Now this chap. Perhaps he should submit to a finger-wagging lecture from with another Scottish MP, Mr Tom Harris, who likes to hold forth on "morality" in the Daily Mail.

It reminds me of the final months in '97 before Major got slung out when a Conservative MP Piers somebody or other got caught with his trousers down with an 18 year old girl. the Daily Mirror's gleeful headline was "The End Of The Piers Show". I am trying to think of a suitable epitaph here. How about "Nigel In the Brown Stuff"?

Paul Flynn

That's a fair comment, Richard T.

MPs allowances have been seen (wrongly) as part of MPs wages for years.

Paul Flynn

22 years ago when I became an MP, They were all treated with respect. Not all deserved it.

Now all MPs are seen as scoundrels. Not all deserve that.

Richard T

For a Labour Minister whose wife is a senior quangocrat with a joint reported incme of over £300,000 a year to screw the public like this is unforgiveable. He should be sacked for his greed. As far as I am aware just because you can claim something doesn't mean that you have to - unless MPs' expenses are compulsory.


Oh to be a politician. they all seem to be honest hard working , ok I'm bullshitting.

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