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March 27, 2009


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Graham Marlowe

To be fair Kay Tie and Paul, I just gave the URL for the Mail because it went into the greatest detail, other websites carry the same story.

Whichever way you look at it, though, what life experience has somebody had at 22 to make them suitable MP material? At best she must have colossal cheek and a rather over-inflated idea of her own value and experience.

I would say this about anyone. I greatly admire Vince Cable, for example, but i would look askance if he had a 22 year old daughter or son and he/she was made a prospectice candidate.

When you add the names of Campbell and Philip Gould you do begin to wonder. I wish Campbell would go back to his one-man music hall turn that he touted round some of the lower grade theatres a few years ago - he was able to feed his massive ego without doing damage that way.


Paul you may right re Obama and a change in US drug policy

I quote
N.Y. Governor, Lawmakers Agree To Soften Drug Sentencing Laws

NEW YORK, March 27 -- Gov. David A. Paterson (D) and legislative leaders on Friday announced an agreement to roll back the state's strict, 36-year-old drug laws, including eliminating tough mandatory minimum sentences for first-time, nonviolent drug offenders.

The "Rockefeller Drug Laws," named after former governor Nelson Rockefeller ®, are among the strictest in the country and for critics have become a symbol of the failure of the "war on drugs," which locked up large numbers of nonviolent drug offenders while having little apparent effect on drug use.

The agreement, announced in the state Capitol, follows a national shift away from criminal penalties to public health and treatment in America's decades-old fight against illegal drug use.
end quote

Kay Tie

"I found what must be the most cringeworthy news item which hits a new low even for New Labour"

Graham, you must stop reading the Daily Mail. Couldn't you find that story covered anywhere else? The Daily Mail's MO is to raise the blood pressure of its readers. It's obviously found a rich seam of disaffected Labour supporters. One day in the future it may even switch from enraging bigots with stories of dark-skinned bearded people getting "free money" if the Left start to read it.

Paul Flynn

You are getting your despair in too early, John Give Obama a chance.Even masters of the universe take need a little time to repair the wreaked legacy of the Bush years.

He has appointed a harm reduction man as his drug czar. We cannot expect a violent hand brake turn of policy but we can expect a change of direction. That will be the first since the 1920s in the USA and the rest of the world will follow.

Paul Flynn

Graham, this is the Daily Mail you are quoting and Mr Simon Walters.

The story is written to incite the greatest anger from you. I know John Austin very well and I will ave a word with him about this. Selection of candidates has almost been a area of treachery. In 1979 I and the then deputy Secretary General of the Labour party Gwyn Morgan were voted OFF a shortlist because we had the largest number of nominations!

yes Blairites have been parachuted nto seats and the national executive of the party have cooperated in eliminating Classic Labour candidates. The local party has the final word. I am sure that John Austin will do his best to ensure that the party has an open choice of the best candidates. If not, I will crtainly have a geat deal to say about this.

Graham Marlowe

It was ever thus John, wasn't it. as I recall Blair was always anxious to "listen" but he suddenly became very deaf if what he was told didn't fit in with his own narrow, mypoic, right-wing view of the world.

One of my biggest regrets is that (see my post above about Dracula's daughter) it is still the right-wing coterie still pulling the strings and they seem determined to try to revive the rotting, stinking corpse of Blairism.


I see that Mr Obama's attempt at democracy via the virtual Town Hall has as litle to do with democracy than the Governments own online petitions. They are only acknowledged if they fit into the governemnts own policies. No matter how many voters may vote for an intiative if its not what the Governnment wants it is ignored...democracy ???
Over 3 million voters voted to get the president to legalise marijuana in fact it was the most popular question voted for in almost every category. 3 of the top 10 questions related to marijuana legalisation. Yet his response was to laugh it off and say " I don't know what this says about our online audience" the very same audince he depended on for his finanace and support in the presidential election. THis was not an example of democracy but an example of the President only answering seriously those questions he himself wanted to answer. He undoubtedly would have answered those questisn whether they were voted for or not.
But it is refreshing that in the USA one of the most vigorous exponents of the war on drugs the issue of Marijuana legalisation is right up there at the top of their priorities unfortunately no matter how many may vote for the serious consideration of this issue it is not one Mr Obama wants to answer seriously. Like most leaders Democarcy only suits when the people want what the leader wants

Graham Marlowe

Paul, I am grateful to you for heading today's blog with the word "cringe", because thuis week I found what must be the most cringeworthy news item which hits a new low even for New Labour:


What is worrying about this turn of events, apart from the fact that a 22 year old woman with no experience of the world, except for the obligatory Oxford course, presumes to think she can be an MP is the fact that there was fierce lobbying for her by Alistair Campbell. Of course Gould himself was made "Sir" Philip by Blair, who was Blairs "personal" pollster. But can't you just see where this is going?. The Blairites obviously feel their time will come again when Brown loses the election, thus we see the ghastly old waxworks crawling out of the paving stones yet again. This week Stephen Byers came out of hibernation to make a disobliging speech about the G20 talks and Brown's position.

Back to Gould's daughter she won the nomination ("Oh, daddy - I want to make a difference!") and it proves yet again that it is not what you know but who you know in the cosy little New Labour club.

There was an even more vacuous looking photograph of Miss Gould in the Standard, pictured with daddy and Fiona Miller, who if memory serves is the "partner" of Campbell.

Paul Flynn

Hen Ferchetan, it's a spoof to gain the attention for a new website. The site is a serious and entertaining one. The video is the lost leader to draw surfers in.

Hen Ferchetan

It does nothing good for a person's cause if their website gets a million trillion hits if each and everyone of those hits are from people laughing at it instead of with it.

Eluned's just given the Tories all the puns they could ever want for their conference - Plaid too. The "Peter Hain's kareoke machine" quip is a pretty good example of that.

I can understand David Taylor (the official owner of the aneuringlyndwr domain names according to the public register) doing such a thing, but what on earth came over respected politicians like Eluned, Hain, Alun, Rhodri Morgan and Paul Murphy in endorsing such laughable antics?

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