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March 28, 2009


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Gareth Williams

I know exactly what you mean, I sent in a letter to the South Wales Argus a year ago to highlight the need for Newport Council to do something about the appalling light pollution in our city (I enjoy the occasional astronomy), while the letter was featured, they had edited my wording to sound more dramatic.

Unfortunately their choice to replace words like "thousands of stars" to "million of stars" just made me look like an idiot, because the naked eye can only observe several thousand.

If they had done their homework before editing, they would have realised that an edit wasn't required.

Though, that's the press for you!

Graham Marlowe

Paul, Like you I observed Earth Hour last evening. A great prelude to the clocks going forward and the start of BST - I love the night we do this, but dread that awful nigh in October when we put them back again and contemplate it getting dark before 5 the next afternoon.

I just wish we could keep BST all year. Harold's government in the late 60s had a three year experiment of keeping BST but sadly the experiment was never tried again. I think it is time it was.

Paul Flynn

That's interesting, KayTie

I found studying Google streets scenes in France very useful last year when I was motoring through strange towns.

Kay Tie

"Unfortunately they only mentioned half of my comment and left out the bit below in heavy type below."

Fortunately, the net is changing the game and the weasels who lie by misquoting are increasingly being caught out by quick Google search.

Top hit in Google is your original post. Second hit in Google is this post.

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