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February 26, 2009


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Graham Marlowe

Tony I would love your question A) to come true: Bush and the poodle standing "shoulder to shoulder" at their trial in the Hague, and hopefully spending the rest of their natural lives sharing a cell and a bucket.

B) Nice idea, but if Enoch Powell ever said one true thing it was that "all political careers end in failure". The problem for Brown is that he was a lucky Chancellor rather than a good one, and that his failure is going to be long-drawn out, because I think he will hang on till the very last minute to call the election that will put him and his crypto-Tories out of their misery.

C) Some manifesto promises are plain undeliverable, so they are more guilty of promiosing more than they can deliver, and perhaps those who bang the party drum loudest ought to be investigated by the ASA, like any advertiser who sells dodgy goods and makes unfounded claims for them.

I think the Goodwin debacle is a lost cause: I think Harriet is merely calling Goodwin's bluff, and hoping to deflect attention from the government, much in the same way that a fortnight ago Tessa Jowell said she wanted the unlikely propsect of women wrestlers and boxers in the 2012 Olympics - it seemed daft and a lot of the press took up the story. Then next day it became clear why she had caused the diversion - her "colourful" and "estranged" husband David Mill's case came up in an Italian court.

Perhaps Mandelson's vanity project of "part" privatising Royal Mail (how about MandyMail as it's new name?) is just a ruse to get us to forget just how crass and useless NuLabour is in it's dying days?. Call me a cynic........


I think I can smell the wiff of hipocracy here but lets go with this
Fred Goodwin does not deserve a pension because he delivered RBS into public ownership after a bail out ?
So in spite of the legally and ministerially agreed pension, Harmann says that the law should be changed retrospectivly so that an angry nation can claw back the pension?
So if we follow this through
a) can we change the law to prosecute Blair for demonstrably lying to get us to invade Iraq ?
b) can we change the law to prosecute Brown for not quite having abolised boom and bust?
c) Would we remove/reduce the pension of any MP and party that did not deliver its manifesto ? For example Income equality or maybe Teenage pregnancy levels

Or is this about playing to the mob ?
You know I rather think it is ..

If you don;t like the pension arrangement then change the system but to change the law to get at one man seems a tad vindictative whatever I think of him

Graham Marlowe

Paul, I'm sorry but New Labour is, and always has been, more concerned about the rich than the poor.

Mandy once said he was "terribly relaxed" about people getting "filthy rich". well, now people like Fred Goodwin IS, I hope he is satisified.
Mandy also said (at the 1997 Conference) when he rejected proposals to fast track working class men and women to become prospective Labour MPs) that "horny handed" blue collar workers was "the last thing" N uLabour needed.
What an out of touch snob!

Brown merely continued the Blair years and I for one look forward to see him take his beating. Perhaps Mandelson can worm his way back into Strasbourg, and then England will be a cleaner place to live in again.

Paul Flynn

John and Graham, you are going too far,

In the first term of the Blair there was a re-distribution of wealth and the bottom decile of incomes increased their share by 12%. Yes the rich got richer. They are very good at repeating whatever it was that made them rich in the first place.

Many still remain in denial about the hideous mistakes of the invasions of Iraq and Helmand.


Thanks Graham I hope you are right.

It made me laugh today when the Government goes to the high court to get the right to reclaim mistaken overpayments in social security yet seems unable to claw back any of Goodwins pension.

screw the poor and give to the rich


Graham Marlowe

John I think the only good thing that will come from the defeat New Labour will suffer at the next election is that the traditional part of the Labour party will stand a chance of wresting control from the Blair/Brown crypto Tories. I very much hope that a few of the right-wing mionisters will lose their seats as well.

the longer Brown goes on, the bigger the thrashing he will get.

We now know that one of the "government of all the talents" - another unelected peer actually knew of "Sir" Fred Goodwin's pension arrangements, even though he is now trying to distance himself. But of course this GOAT's background was the City as well, so I suppose £650,000 is not a great deal lof money as far as he is concerned.


THis government is responsible for spilling blood onto my hands. This Government is responsible for degrading our values to those of the terrorists it castigates.This Government has engendered hostility and hate towards itself and its values and has encouraged the perpetuation of torture and death.
THis Government has presided over the biggest wealth theft from the poorest in our society to the wealthiest and most corrupt. It has been complicit in the encouragement of greed and short term gains whatever the cost to the nation and its people.
I cannot think of a darker period of time in my lifetime and all this under a Labour Government.
I am sure I am not the only one to feel rage at this yet almost powerless to do anything about it...what furthur depths are we going to plunge into over the next few months??

Graham Marlowe

"I still cannot bring myself to believe that a British Government would officially approve torture,"

Normally, neither would I, Paul. But remember how besotted Blair was with Bush the trusting way he used to gaze into Bush's eyes, like an elderly spaniel, when they were side-by-side, "shoulder-to-shoulder" at their joint news conferences - ladling out the syrup. The Morecombe and Wise of politics.

Love is blind, as they say.

Perhaps they used to "pray together" (as Blair is said to have insisted to Obama when they met recently) to beg forgiveness?

In his fantasy moments I think Blair saw himself, in realtion to Bush, as the gangsters moll.

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