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February 21, 2009


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Graham Marlowe

Yes but everyone gets things wrong sometimes: after all - look at Brown: last October he was panicked in to bringing back the odious Mandelson into government. The first thing "Makeover Mandy" did was to spend £57,000 on deciorating his office - even though it had, apparently, only been redecorated months before, he has told people to go and look for jobs in Europe, he is going to barge ahead part-privatising the Royal Mail (and we all know that that will only be the start of that particular caper) - much to the anger of at least 122 Labour MPs and he is apparently going to tear up a lot of equality regulation that was announced in the Queens Speech. How is that for an unelected minister. Paul?

The sooner that disgusting little man disgraces himself again and has to resign for a third time, the better it will be.

Paul Flynn

George is a Presidential groupie. He supported the machine politician Iliescu in Romania with the same fervour that he used to back Arafat and Benizir Bhutto.

He is right on Palestine. He has been wrong on other issues.

Graham Marlowe

I quite like George Galloway. At least his views have always been sincere and consistent.....which is more than can be said for Prudence, who became Patience, then became Impatience then is trying to become Prudence again: a dithering wreck who....well, we all know. No need to rub it in. When I think of him though, I am reminded of some old ghastly song from some years back: "One wheel on my wagon, and I keep rolling along....."

Also, on the topic of George, he did have the guts to go into Gaza last week and offer PRACTICAL help, whereas little David et al merely offer platitudes: I think we can both be glad about that, Paul.

Kay Tie

The trouble with media reporting is that few journalists know how to read a balance sheet. Debt is only half of it - the other half is assets, as you point out.

Valuing the assets is difficult because of the dysfunctional markets for CDOs. Indeed, the mark-to-market rule changes were something that made the crisis worse (so much for "unregulated" markets).

The public have got the idea that the Government has "given" money to the banks. They are incapable of understanding the situation - even though only a morin thinks Barclaycard "gives" them free money.

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