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February 20, 2009


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Baneswell Boy.

An interesting point yesterday was that the 'drinks as much as you can for a fiver' promotions in local pubs did NOT produce the problems expected. It seems like a daft idea that invited trouble. the police opposed but there was no trouble as a result.

As a 'one drink a day' person, your price list sound very sensible. I pity any bar worker who has to imposed those prices.

I might take up on the invite to Baileys. I have been there but not for a long time.

Baneswell boy

Beer in pubs is getting expensive compared to supermarkets. Perhaps we should have a progressive beer tax in pubs. Something like this:

First pint 0% tax;
Second pint 0% tax;
third 10% tax;
fourth (and beyond) 15% tax

(Before you all point out the weaknesses of this approach I should point out I do have a rye smile on my face as I type.)

Shame about the Engineers, but next time you're feeling thirsty in town head for Baileys on the corner of Bailey St and Scard St. You'd be made very welcome.

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