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February 24, 2009


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Graham Marlowe

I absiolutely agree, Paul, i think one of the reasons I have such great admiration for Harold was he had the guts to say no to America - something even the "great"(?) Thatcher never felt able to do.

I am not a violent man, but I always feel I would like to kick Straw: he is so pusilanimous. That bit yesterday about "not being in the public interest" what he really meant of course, was not in HIS interest - or that of Brown, who, I understand was quite content to go to war when Blair wanted to - the circumspection and failure to say anything in public for a very long time was yet another demonstration of Brown's craftyiness or cowardice - I suppose there would be the two schools of thought on that.

Finally the odious Mandy - why was the booing edkited out?. And on the subject of Royal Mail - IF that letter wasn't planted, or one of Mandy's tricks - it doesn't say a lot for NuLabour that they cannot find £5.9 billion for the Royal Mail pensions fund yet could find £150 billion for the bankers.

I agree that there are Labour MPs who deserve support because of their independence - John McDonnell is one of my favourites, Bob Marshall-Andrews another (though sadly I think he is stepping down, as is Alan Simpson) and your goodself, but the majority of the shower - the real crawlers and the closet Tories - I won;t name anyone - deserve political oblivion.


I'm glad you are standig on your personal record Paul in 2010 because no Labour MP worth his salt can defend this current Labour Government.
Unfortunately labour by their actions have ensured another period out in the wilderness while we get a period of the equally inept Tories.
Policiticians are now viewed like bankers,estate agents and Lawyers.
We need more people like you Paul coming into politics.Maybe it has to get even worse before the electorate finally has enough and demands real change.

Paul Flynn

Patrick, the electors are choosing individuals in elections. Yesterday was a new low. 139 Llbour MPs voted against the war in spite of a three line whip. Some electors will not punish those who were correct then.

If all Labour MPs had known the truth six years ago, the vote would have been against the war and 178 British soldiers would not have died in vain.

I'll be standing on my personal record in 2010


Perhaps a stimulating blog proposal could be the subject of , Is their a British political party worth voting for at the next election?
There is no point voting for Red or Blue as they have merged into a decreped, corrupt, and indistinguishable mess.They should take Freud's lead and amalgamate under the name 'The Neanderthals'.

New labours illegal war and further defecation on it's traditional vote has boosted both the Liberals and even the BNP.

It would be interesting to see if anyone actually thinks there is a party of substance out there.


I feel pronounced shame for our government that they have stopped publication of the cabinet minutes. THis is disgraceful and is a new low for New Labour when we thought they couldn't get any lower.Surely what is in the minutes can be no worse than what we will all now presume??

Like many I was opposed to the Iraq war and although we may feel vindication now that we were right to do so it is too late for the many hundreds of thousands who have lost their lives.
I was talking to my elderly parents both in their 80's who have never voted anything but labour and now feel nothing but shame for its actions over Iraq. For what our country took us into, following what they call the evil incarnate George Bush. Much of this should be laid at his door but we are as complicit by following his lead. Such actions by their beloved Labour Party rattle them to the core of their beliefs.


Kay Tie

The BBC standards have been falling. It's no surprise that the news is now called Pravda in the blogosphere. I watch little TV news now. Even the grand dame Today is flimsy and superficial. What bloody cheek to criticize this blog! There's more accurate analysis in one post here than a week's output of Pravda. Paul is to be particularly commended for the dilligent way the comments are handled.

Paul Flynn

Thanks for the news Adam Johannes.

Good luck with the vigil.

Adam Johannes

A group of students are now in occupation at Cardiff University in solidarity with the bombed Gaza University and to demand that their university disinvest from the arms trade: www.occupiedcardiff.blogspot.com

Send messages of support/solidarity to cardiffstudentsagainstwar@gmail.com

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