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February 17, 2009


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gusty for

oh la la !


yo it is your cuz mohammed


Well, anyone who will share a platform with murphy without a peg on their nose, can't be trusted. My vote will go to the most promising non nu-lab/tory.

Paul Flynn

No MH. It's probably a bad thing to decide now on the referendum. The outcome depends on many factors including who will be in power in Westminster.


Thanks, PF. Might I try and draw you out on the timing of the GoWA 2006 referendum?
Would you be in favour on holding that at the same time as the Assembly Election in 2011?

Paul Flynn

I am very much for elections/referendums on the same day - especially when Europe is involved.

One Labour candidate is virtually certain to be elected in Wales. A second is probable.


PF wrote: "The likelihood is that Derek and Lisa will be elected."

That seems like a sure-fire way of getting people NOT to turn out. Why bother if it's a foregone conclusion?

You'll win one seat, but I doubt that you'll win two. For that you would first need to be the biggest party (which is possible, but I wouldn't bank on it!) and ALSO have more than twice as many votes as the fourth largest party.


On the subject of a low poll, your government has decided to put back the local elections by a month so that both are held on the same day. I think that's a very good idea. But do you agree that holding two votes at the same time is a good way of increasing turnout and voter involvment?

Or do you agree with Peter Hain who, in marked contrast, seems dead set against holding the GoWA 2006 referendum on the same day as the Assembly elections in 2011?

It strikes me that you can't have it both ways.

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