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February 28, 2009


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Paul Flynn

The benefit is that spraying titles around to banksters, future criminals and othr nonentities further discredits the corrupt honours system, Graham.

Graham Marlowe

Of all the puerile, pointless ideas Auntie Tony had, I think "People's Peers" was just about the daftest: typical New Labour codswallop - appoint people wuith lots of money and a high profile who might vaguely connect with "the project". Nobody left-wing, of course, so as not to frighten the horses - people who could be relied upon to massage Blair's ego and perhaps could be a good contact to enhance his bank balance in retirement.

Am I imaginiong it, or did even Louise Casey, former "homeless zsar" and now "respect agenda zsar" not get an enoblement: a lady so full of respect she once gave a speech interlarded with expletives?

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