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February 25, 2009


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Patrick.

I believe you are right. There may be a strong moral case against Bush and Blair for the International Criminal Court. The court, however, was set up to deal with cases of genocide by lawless rulers. It's unlikely that leaders who were backed by majority vote in democratic parliaments would ever appear before it.

Paul Flynn

We should be doing the right thing for its own sake not because the CWU is bankrolling the party. I can assure neither the CWU or anyone else is bankrolling me.

Graham Marlowe

One other thing, Paul: If Mandy thinks Royal Mail needs outside "better" management, why on earth are we paying Crozier £3 million a year, and have done so for several years now?

Graham Marlowe

I hope, Paul, that the CWU do ballot their members and that their decision is to stop giving money to New Labour.

It was always a mistake to bring this odious unelected man back into government - we both know how devisive a figure he has always been, and also, we know we are in receipt of soiled goods - his past indiscretions makes him the wrong man for business secretary. One can only assume that when Brown panicked last autumn, he must have done so while the balance of his mind was disturbed.


I agree entirely with your edm.
Had your research staff included the names of all the victims of the Iraq and Afghan wars then it would be a full time and ongoing job.
I have every respect for British troops and their families but let's not forget that there are over a Million people dead in total and increasing daily.

Never mind about a political party suffering in the polls, when are Bush and Blair going to be arrested and sentenced for starting this circus with spin and lies?
(Blair is at present ponsing around the USA 'doing god'.Let's hope it's a just god then at least he will be in eternal fire).

Over a Million deaths, Billions of pounds wasted during a world financial crisis in a war based on lies (sorry ,oil) and it continues ....

At least you would think that in the 21st c and with a great democratic Labour government you could at least find out what happened in meetings prior to the start.
Maybe Jack Straw was just having a bad day, no doubt he will let us know soon!

Paul Flynn

Graham. thanks for your first comment.

On the second one you are wrong. The part-privatisation has been expected to be this week for a long time. I had calls from the press on the Royal mail every day this week.

Graham Marlowe

The death of a child must be the most devestating and terrible thing. Especially as in the case of both Mr & Mrs Cameron and Mr and Mrs Brown they are in the public eye and are under constant scrutiny.

Let's hope the press don't intrude upon their grief, and that they find some comfort in the very genuine expressions of sympathy that has been expressed.

I want to leave a space between that paragraph and the next, for I feel genuine sympathy for anyone, whomever they are in those circumstances, but i would like to mention aanother matter:

Yesterday, while attention was naturally drawn away from parliamentary business to the terrible plight of the Camerons, New Labour pulled another of their revoltingly transparent "Jo Moore" tricks, and Mandelson announced, a day early, his proposals to "part" privatise Royal Mail. I agree with Lord Taylor (Labour) who called out to him "Shame on you".

He just couldn't wait - a day early he drags this explosive, devisive bill into life. A typical New KLabour trick. A typical Mandy trick.

What is it with this man? - this unelected guttersnipe and his privatisation fetish?

We all know who the favourite bidder is?. I wonder how many New Labour gtypes have shares in TNT?

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