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January 30, 2009


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I've heard GB talking at Davos and I have to say he is doing real damage to this country with him blaming someone, anyone, rather than accepting that the lack of regulation he devised for controlling the worst excesses of the finance industry. He seems to accept absolutely no responsibility for ANY of this and frankly I'm not listening anymore. This is a pity for some of the good stuff like Health and School spending but frankly its getting lost in the 'GB Show'. An if you stand up and say 'British jobs for British workers' then you might have done better to think that one through - bitten by a soundbite , hey maybe thats justice !!

Oh by the way marajuana is not a drug , its a herb...


Thanks Richard and John.

I would not disagree with a wrd of that. But I remains hopeful after reading Obama's autobiography. A younger prime minister in Britain in the shape of a Milliband might help.


Prohbition is the greatest Job Creation scheme ever devised. With the Police Justice system and Prison system almost dependent on the prosecution of our own citizens for the use of illegal drugs many of which are less harmful than alcohol or tobacco.
In America because drug users assets are seized and funneled into the Police coffers this engenders corruption on a grand scale resulting in many innocent people imprisoned or sections of society discriminated against. THe private prison system in the US relies on the huge numbers of Prisoners of the War on drugs to maintain them.
The pharmaceutical companies are scared to death that Cannabis will be made legal because the medicinal properties of this plant that can be grown by anyone for free (its a weed after all) would replace many of their over-priced often inaffective (but with dangerous side affects)drugs.
IT is said that the industrial production of hemp which has a miniscule amount of THC in it, yet is banned would destabilise the cotton producers and provide an alternative to fossil fuels etc. Remember the first model T ford was designed to run on Hemp oil.
If overnight our prisons were emptied by the almost 50% of those imprisoned for Prohibition related crime and a similair drop in court time and Police activity huge numbers of these would be out of work.
Paul you ask how the republicans can battle against the will of their president I suggest this is purely money and self interest.
It has nothing to do with minimising harm but its perpetuation so that they can imprison their own citizens and profit from it.

Richard T

Where do you start? Clearly the war on drugs, drugs tsars and the rest of enforcement efforts have failed. In whose interest is it that they continue? No-one's except for example the police to get opportunities to swan around beating down doors (incidentally how long is it going to be before we get the drip feed that if only they could use the anti terrorism laws to the fight drug trade and the other master criminals aka as the British public?) and dash around heroically; the spend on all sorts of surveillance etc.

The start must be a proper review of the real dangers of drug use with a presumption of legalisation of the lot so for example we can return to the former posiiton here that heroin was controlled through prescription and the users were able to manage their habit without recourse to criminality agaisnt the poor communities where most of them stay. But which government would have the courage to do it? Not this one I'm afraid nor the next one assuming the Tories win.

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