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January 29, 2009


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"That would be a great hundreth birthday present"

You mean I'll have to wait until I'm 100 ? Typical politician !

Graham Marlowe

Yes that is true, Paul, and all credit to those of you who spoke out against and voted against these things. My worry is that though Cameron and Osborne will be no better, they could win an election by default, because almost anybody would look slightly more competent than Gordon Brown. With all due respect, I think he has now proved beyond doubt that he just hasn't got what it takes

I would suggest Alan Johnson would probably be the best bet for leader, since he is not so tainted as some other candidates and looks more credible. He is also relatively experienced, and his working class credentials would actually be much more acceptable to Labour voters and might even encourage some former labour voters to return to the fold.

Paul Flynn

the main worry is that the recent two political crises in Government were self-inflicted. They were 42 days and Heathrow.

Graham Marlowe

It's a good thing that there is good news from the States, because there seems to be none here. Each week, quite frankly, Brown seems top drag us down a bit further. This week he has allowed Mandelson to throw 2.5 billion at the car industry - just so they can stockpile cars that nobody can afford to buy, or wants, we have had that terrible IMF forecast, the threat of the third runway, and God knows how many more jobs have gone. Sure a supermarket and a snadwich bar have announced "jobs" for the future, but they are hardly careers - a downmarket supermarket is highly likely to pay top wages and the same goes for sandwiches - and, of course, many of these jobs will be part-time. It reminds me of the early 80s when people thought unemployment would be solved because there were numerous companies making small home computers starting up.

What a country. At least Hutton has been proved right in just one regard: he is on record as saying that "Brown would be a ******* terrible Prime Minister".

If Labour want to avoid a thrashing at the next election they should get rid of him now: there is a place for bone-headed stubborness and incompetence, but that place is in a Will Hay film, not in the office of Prime Minister


As far as I am concerned Paul, it would be at least 27 years before I would benefit from such a provision, which matters not one jot to me.
If we can get it, Paul, it would be a great birthday present.
I believe that it should not stop there but in the short term it would be an excellent step in the right direction.
Those in receipt of the old age pension,
should not be in a position of having to seek extra help just to get to that level, as it is now.
The complications and expense of running a top up scheme would be unnecessary with your proposal.

But what are the actual chances of getting agreement on this?

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