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January 19, 2009


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Graham Marlowe

Well, I am not sure about "celebrate" in this country. I wonder what bad news has been buried in this country today with all the media attention being in Washington. The ghost of Jo Moore still stalks abroad with New Labour: last Thursday, amid the news of the third runway, for example, there was the jiggery-pokery about expenses remaining secret which was sneaked out (and which will be voted on this Thursday).

Of course, I am sure we are all grateful that war-mongering idiot Bush is out of the way, but I would wait and see before I was too enthusiastic about Obama. We'll see....

Baneswell boy

I'm with Paul on this. Today is a day to celebrate. Sure, Barack will not get everything right, but he has been made President the USA and whole world has taken a step forward. REJOICE.

The future's bright. The future's brown.

Graham Marlowe

Oh yes after Bush anything is an improvement (there is a village somewhere in Texas that is going to get it's idiot back!), BUT - and it's a big but - there is far too much hype about Obama. Overkill equals disappointment.

I hate to say this, but I wonder what Paul will be saying this time next year if Obama does start his Afghanistan surge, with the resulting deaths of our service personell not to mention countless innocent civilians.

In the final analysis I think Obama in retaining elements of the Bush administration and old Democrat retreads like Mrs Clinton is making it obvious he is interested in maiontiang the status quo.

I wonder if he'll follow Brown's lead and carelessly write blank cheques to the bankers to pull their chestnuts out of the fire?


Even if Paul is over the top about Obama, and he is.
At least from today, the US will have a president who doesn't cause spontaneous bleeding from ears and eyes if you are unlucky enough to hear him speaking and that can only be a good thing.

Paul Flynn

Adam and Graham drizzle the Dark Side. Life is dragged down by pessimism. Our media is driven by the most depressing news of impending woe.

Today the world rejoices and hopes.

Enjoy it!

Graham Marlowe

Sadly I suspect Obama will be the new Blair - spin and "glamour": Like Blair he promises more than he can deliver and what concerns me is that he has surrounded himself with old baggage both from the Democratic AND Republican parties. Just like Brown surrounded himself with worn-out raddled old Blairites, come to that.

Blair became a one man band, then a vacuous windbag. I fear the same will happen with Obama, and, paul, before you get too excited - remember Obama's avowed aim of having a "surge" in Afghanistan - how many more of our young sokldiers will die in this pointless vanity project?


‘Year zero’, that is the second such post, which clearly implies a messiah fervour. ‘Year Zero on the arc of history’, shut up and worship your new saviour, its change I TELL YOU!

There is clearly a cult of personality around this guy, I expect the blind hopefuls will be disappointed.

A ‘new world will be born’’, no it won’t.

You are being taken for a ride if you think Obama is the answer to your prayers. He hasn’t appointed anybody who is remotely progressive in the current world climate, in fact the opposite.

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