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January 23, 2009


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Paul, have you noticed TVO says it is entitled to 2.4 billion euros damages for the Finnish EPR delays? Any more delay and TVO might get the EPR for free!

Siemens reports in its interim accounts the current delay is 38 months. Also Siemens has announced it intends to sell its 34% stake in Areva NP because of "its lack of exercising entrepreneurial influence within the joint venture". The wheels seem to be falling off.





I hesitate to even mentuion our beloved leader in the same breath as "Daft MPs", but there are times you wish he would just keep his mouth shut.

This morning he delivered yet another of his "important speeches" (whereas Blair's favourite word seemed to be "radical" Brown's is "globalisation"). Be that as it may, the Clunking Fist speaks and then another high Street chain goes into administration (Barratts)


Kay Tie
Did i rattle the cage ?
Again your comments are misguided. You only have to look at lego to realise that intelligent bricks exist.
You should seek help with that nasty streak.

Kay Tie

"Your joke is about as stupid as your predictable right wing digs."

Well, if you had the intellect to comprehend it, I'd take that as an insult. But since you've already demonstrated that you're as thick as a brick, I'm not in the least perturbed.


Kay Tie
Following your nit-picking , quibbling lectures on punctuation and spelling you now announce that you have a sense of humour.
Your joke is about as stupid as your predictable right wing digs.

Graham Marlowe

Daft "Lords" as well:


Kay Tie

Err, it was a joke. Quite funny, I thought. I know you're not able to laugh at the General Secretary for fear of internal exile, but the rest of us can have a laugh.

Paul Flynn

Kay tie. That is futile.

Kay Tie

It's not just Dawn Butler. Apparently Obama wrote a letter on HoC headed paper about Gordon Brown too:


Graham Marlowe

WEll, Paul perhaps she has just been unlucky in being found out. The fact remains this is as honest as a school student writing their own reports and getting the teacher to sign it. We would all like to think we were "intelligent" and "determined" but it is not for us to say so of ourselves. And how can Obama possibly KNOW if she has these qualities on the basis of a five minute acquaintence?. She seems full of her own self importance and conceited. She has also made herself look risible. Who could possibly take her seriously?. And is it for a politician from another country to get into the business of personally promoting an obscure MP from another country?

Paul Flynn

It's common for politicians to print endorsements of their election literature. I have never done it. Partly because, I suspect most are written by parties and prominent people are asked to sign them.

I do not understand. Why is Dawn being singled out for attack on this? Tabloids again? She has done nothing that 100s of other MPs of all parties have done.

Graham Marlowe

Paul, I may be cynical but so, apparently, is Butler. HER OFFICE WROTE THE ENDORSEMENT - NOT OBAMA!.

He was wrong, of course, to sign any bit of paper thrust under his nose, especially when he aspired to the biggest office in the world, but she was wrong to get somebody to endorse something she or her staff had written about herself, when the man didn't know her from Adam.

Apparently, the "letter of endorsement" wasn't even sure how to address Mr Obama and referred to him throughout as "BARAK Obama" (no "c"). I believe this has also now been "revised" on her blog.

When people pull stunts like this one of Butler's, are you really so surprised that the publics opinion of some MPs is so low?

Jolly Roger

Her daftness seems to know no bounds,
Having done a tour of the blogging rounds.
Dawn Butler's toys fly from her pram,
As she claims to be the 'big I am'.
She moans about her local dead tree rag,
Ignoring her, so she has a nag.
It seems that the trouble with Ms. Dawn B.
She thinks that it's all about Me, Me, Me.


Paul Flynn

Too cynical Graham.

She was wheeled out to meet Obama and sought an endorsement. Politicians have done worse things. She has made a good impression in the House.

If this the worse thing she has done, the title of 'daftest MP' remains unchallenged.

Huw O'Sullivan

Surely if someone is self-aggrandising it would be pointless to do it on a miniscule scale.


Well, Paul I think there is definately a runner-up in the daftest MP stakes.

Step foward, Ms Dawn Butler MP for Brent South. It seems this sill;y woman is facing reselection (I wonder why?) and she got Barack obama to sign an "endorsement" to her last July when she met him, telling of her great "bright intelliugence and determination".

I assume had Mr Obama lost, she had a similar endorsement from the pitbull with lipstick?

Apparently this "letter" was signed by Mr Obama and put on her website on House of Commons notepaper. later the endorsement reappeared on a plain background.

Butler told the press "My team asked if it was OK to have this as a quote from him.It was done in a rush, it is a bit cheesy, I know, but at the end of the day thats also my bit of history, that I am incredibly proud of".

Cheesy? It was a bit more than that. At best it was self-aggrandising on a grand scale and at worst dishonest.

I sincerely hope for the little bit of credibility that might possibly exist in New Labour that this self-regarding woman IS deselected and a more honest candidate found.

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