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January 22, 2009


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Judi Hewitt

So Ferry got off lightly, well that's no surprise! Heck, the rich have always got away with everything. What's the betting they'd have thrown away the key, had it been one of us who'd done the antics this cruel thug was accused of.
As for the puppy plea, which basically let Ferry get away with knocking about two elderly women - where's his proof that it was animal rights who stole his little dog?
It's disgusting that rich clowns like him are still allowed to get away with sticking two fingers up at the law. You need only look at the way a man monitoring the hunt using a gyrocopter, is still being held on a charge of murder, when it was clearly the victims fault for going onto an airstrip when this copter was still in motion. In other words, it's a severe unjust law for compassionate anti-hunt people, and NO law for evil hunt thugs.


So many goodpoints I couldn't really add much else except to echo my revulsion at the suffering of many hundreds of thousands of innocent people that our Government has perpetrated. I feel shame that it was a Labour Government (with Tory suppot) that voted for this annihilation.
We need at the very least a wide ranging Public enquiry into this with criminal sanctions being used against those that misled us.
George BUsh has much to answer for he has presided over a reign of terror in the workd that has put back world peace for many decades. The understandable hate and revenge that we have stored up in the muslim world is going to take a long time to unravel.


Wherever there is money there you will find Blair like flies round a jampot. A billionaire - Blair won't give a damn what this man prints in his rag. Perhaps he is after a donation for his so-called "religous foundation"?


Well maybe he will have as much to contribute to media as he has so far done for peace in the middle east, banking and socialism.


Personally Huw, I think both groups are repulsive. I would very much welcome Bush and Blair being charged with war crimes, and, if found guilty, sentenced to life imprisonment, and if the pair of them felt they could not face this, and decided to bite on their cyanide capsules (do they still isssue the top ment with them), or in some other way do away with themselves, then I woudl shed no tears, but I read today Blair has taken on yet ANOTHER job: in the wake of the London Evening Standard being sold to an ex Russian spy (unless Mandelson refers the sale to the Mergers and Monopoly Commission - and I wouldn't hold my breath where Mandelson is concerned), Blair has, apparently, agreed to sit on an Editorial Panel - presumably to uphold the papers "integrity" - the mind boggles!

Kay Tie

"Not for a second do I believe that there is any political influence in the decisions to stop any more alleged interfering with witnesses."

The original decision to prosecute may or may not be due to his tweaking various noses (we have plenty of examples of political interference in investigations and prosecutions - the BAE/Saudi bribes case being a good example). But the decision to keep him on remand was almost certainly not: nobbling witnesses is a serious matter and requires the cancellation of bail.

Huw O'Sullivan

You are right of course Paul and Graham
Otis Ferry is not a political prisoner.
You are right that he is going through
the normal judicial and legal process.
It is unlikely to rather extreme levels that
anyone would exert political influence to imprison him.
But when you read the case; what it all boils down to is a playground fight. If the accusations are correct he would have broken the law. If the further accusations are correct then he has made things worse by trying to interfere with the legal and judicial process.

Up to five months on remand however does not seem like an acceptable length of time before trial.
A trial Otis will have, but apparently Blair and his war supporting cabinet and party members (and lets not forget the tories who supported it too)
will never face trial
and never face imprisonment for crimes that dwarf Otis' spoiled kid playground scuffle.

The most serious crimes are those that destroy people's lives and there are those still
in goverment and opposition who are responsible for at least part of the destruction of many many human lives.

So I hope you will forgive me for not considering Otis' possible crimes of any great note while those with the blood of thousands of people on their hands walk free and prosper.

Graham Marlowe

HuwOS It is not a great leap from enjoying the spectacle of animals being tortured maimed and killed to enjoying that spectacle but with humans. I don't for a moment believe Ferry is a "political prisoner". He was remanded inc ustody because the judge obbviously thought there was a danger Ferry might attempt to interfere with witnesses if he were free. Not a political prisoner, just a vacuous young idiot with too much time and money on his hands

A man of his age should have healthier interests. He obviously has a sadisitic streak to enjoy huinting and - more importantly - to flaut the law to try to continue his pleasure. There are several laws I do not agree with, but i wouldn't go and invade the HoC - or anywhere else for that matter


Sorry Patrick but I have to disagree.
Hang no one.
Murdering people helps no one and just adds to the worlds misery.
Taking pleasure in hunting and killing animals may be cruel, barbarous and unpleasant
but the true sociopath will happily see people, human beings, maimed, tortured and killed without feeling any guilt or remorse whatsoever.
The psychopath would be delusional perhaps suffering hallucinations or visions, or believing god told them to commit their crimes.
Tony Blair may well be sick, George Bush certainly is simple minded but Tony is not so sick he does not know right from wrong and Bush is not so stupid as to not know that maiming, torture and killing are wrong.
They should (but never will) stand trial and they should (but never will) be imprisoned for the rest of their lives.


Otis Ferry is supported by the type of people that chase a pregnant Vixen to ground(they only ever kill the sick/old ones that don't get away), dig her up and then throw her alive into a pack of Hounds. Then they go to the pub and laugh about it and drive around in 4 tracks with ban prejudice stickers on.

This is only what I've seen with my own eyes.I would have no problem in putting Otis into a modern purpose built gladiatorial stadium with several hungry lions.

Apart from his psychotic interests anyone stupid enough to have invaded the commons and done half of what he is charged with should be in prison regardless of social class.


Are we all supposed to forget the Millions of Deaths in Iraq caused by spineless Ministers?
Imagine the consequences of the USA stealth bombing a British City like say Bristol, killing Hundreds of Thousands of people and then we find out actually the reasons they did it were based on lies.
Not only should we never forget the dead from all countries, we should never forget the bastards that caused it.
No One George Bush, Two Blair.
Hang them both.

Paul Flynn

The point is whether Otis Ferry is a political prisoner.

He got away with with breaching security in the Commons. No-one suggested that was a political decision. Not for a second do I believe that there is any political influence in the decisions to stop any more alleged interfering with witnesses.

Graham Marlowe

Mre Ferry has been on TV prior to this incident and he came over as an arrogant pompous - and, yes -aggressive - young man who seems to think he should be allowed to do as he likes just because his father is a figure (or was a figure) in the "pop world". Pretty risible.

He attempted several times to get bail while he was in custody and his last attempt a week or so ago suceeded. Obviously the court will decide whether or not he is guilty, but in another high-profile case the husband of another pop singer, was convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice: the jury found that after he committed his assault he then attempted to bribe his victim into saying nothing to the police. I am not of course saying that Ferry did what Amy Winehouse's husband did, but just pointing out that there are people who act first and then think they - or their families - money can buy thewm out of facing the consequences of their actions.


Yes I looked it up Paul, because I was completely unaware of the case before you mentioned it.
Apparently he used no bombs or bullets.
He did not commit aggressive war.
He did not mislead parliament and the country with claims of evidence when in fact there was none.
The machinations to get to war with Iraq would be called a conspiracy if the priniciple actors had made any real attempt to hide their intentions or attempted any really credible lies.
But they showed such utter contempt for the people that even as each and every checkable claim was proven false they continued their preparations for their predetermined war, with no regard for the suffering and loss of life that go with it.
As for Otis,
people have not died because of his actions.
So while a court will decide if he broke the law, people who are responsible for far more serious offenses,war crimes, from this country and others, will serve not so much as 1 day in prison, on remand or otherwise.
Compared to that the punishment he has had so far would have to be considered unfair.

If no one is punished for the big crimes then surely there can be no justice.

Paul Flynn

The Otis Ferry case has not been reported widely nationally. Th accusations have grown and more people are now involved. The basis case is

The robbery and assault trial had been due to get under way in September at the Cirencester Courthouse in Gloucestershire but after three days of legal arguments it was abandoned and the jury was discharged.

Ferry was then arrested and new allegations of perverting the course of justice were made against him.

The original charges against Ferry are that while he was hunting with the Heythrop Hunt at Lower Swell he robbed Ms Ghalmi of a video camera - which she was using to film his activities - and a set of keys. He is also said to have assaulted her.

The first new charge against Ferry alleges that on 8th September at Caynham, Ludlow, Shropshire, with intent to pervert the course of public justice, he telephoned David Hodgkiss - a potential witness in criminal proceedings against him - and 'instructed him not to provide the police with certain evidence in relation to an allegation of robbery.'


I have never felt there was any excuse for
any MP to have vacillated or wavered in relation to the war on Iraq.
No credible evidence was ever presented to warrant an attack on that country.
There was no way in which an attack on that country would have been legal without the UN security council deciding that an attack should be made.
(Bearing in mind that legal and moral are not the same thing anyway)

Only the security council
had the authority to authorise it and as we all know, not only did they not do so, but it was made abundantly clear that no such authorisation would be forthcoming.

So as far as I am concerned, the 50 who wavered, get neither sympathy nor credit for their regret now. The 50 are as guilty as the rest who voted in favour and the lives and blood of the hundreds of thousands who their decision helped to kill and the millions their decision caused to suffer are very much on their hands, hearts and souls.

The fact that none of those responsible for the most recent round of death,destruction, murder and torture on the scale experienced in Iraq have suffered so much as one days imprisonment makes me feel that Otis Ferry's incarceration, whether the son of a rich man or not, is clearly unjust and unfair.
Apparently the killing, supported by our taxes, of people in other countries is less important than a bit of a row in England
between two groups of people engaged in pointless pursuits.


In response to your first two points, we now need see some vicious retribution against those responsible for the illegal iraq war. Personally, I'd like the names & addresses of the dossier writers, so they can be reminded until they die that they are personally responsible.

Remand is a problem. It is detention without trial or conviction. Whilst it probably makes little difference to chavs (or toffs come to that), Ordinary people would have their lives destroyed by being gaoled for 5 months. It needs to be seriously justified regardless of the offence and we need machanisms to compensate those who are later found not guilty.

Graham Marlowe

" A majority of Labour MPs would have voted against the war. Tony Blair could not have joined Bush’s war. 178 British lives and £6 billion would have been saved.

All Labour MPs remember the heavy whipping to persuade us to vote for war. 139 of us defied the three-line whip. 50 others were doubtful and were bribed, bullied or bamboozled into voting for or abstaining. 16 Tories and all the LibDems voted against. Nearly all the doubtful 50 now bitterly regret their decisions."

I agree with your post today 100%, Paul. Those MPs who allowed themselves to be bribed should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. I hope those that remain lose at the next election.

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