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December 23, 2008


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Graham Marlowe

Paul Come off it: To make donations to a politic al party in the names of other people kis illegal. You know it and I know it - and Abrahams nust have known it as well.

New Labour, if it is about anything, is preserving the statjus quo: the wealthy always get away with wrongdoing.

Had this been a case where an individual had behaved like Abrahams in donating to the LibDems or Tories, you would be outraged - because it is your New Labour/ToryLite friends you manage to find excuses.

Paul Flynn

The Abrahams case was never pursued because there was no case to answer.

Big headlines for the accusations. Silence when it's found that he did nothing wrong. The same as Peter Hain's case. Look it up Graham.

Graham Marlowe


Why has the Abrahams case never been persued, I wonder?

As we approach Xmas, perhaps it is time New Labour went in for genuine pantomime?

Ruth Kelly as Principal Boy

Gordon Brown as Baron Hardup

David Blunkett as Buttons (for obvious reasons!)

John Hutton and James Purnell as The Ugly Sisters

Jack Straw as the Fairy Godmother

Peter mandelson as Widow Twankey

It might be even funnier than "New Labour" pretending they are not right-wing crypto Tories

Jolly Roger

In order to bring in some equilibrium,
Which will no doubt earn me Paul's opprobrium.
Here a few of NuLabour's proclivities,
In case you're stuck for a read during the current festivities.


Graham Marlowe

He is also money grubber, a womaniser and broke up a marriage by fathering a child to another mans wife- and made money at that last stunt by writing about it.

Perhaps all that wouldn't matter if he were not also a Methodist Lay Preacher!

Can there be a better example of a hypocrite?. The typical MPs raison de'etre: Do as I say not as I do.

The problem with many MPs is that they don't understand the problems of ordinary people because they life a priveleged life. earning far more money than their constituents, and the vast majority follow their partys diictats - not their conscience.

Paul Flynn

Not true. Graham, I have spent my working life with MPs for the past 21 years. I have great respect for the majority of them. Of course there are crooks, frauds and fools as there has been in every other job I have done.

David Blunkett was written off by his school teachers and was expected to achieve very little in life. In spite of his blindness, he became a cabinet minister. That's a great achievement and an inspiration for other disabled people.

Graham Marlowe

Many of thjem DO deserve contempt, Paul.

We have the sanctimonious outpourings of Blunkett when we all know his peccadillos

Mandelson who is self-aggrandisement personified - now with so many companies going to the wall (the former Virgin Megastores today) he should stop this nonsense about wanting to camp it up on a trashy TV show.

SWe shouldn't forget Milburn - who took a jobn in the private health sector just after stepping down as Health Minister.

MPs in general hold forth about what the rest of us should do, yet they "earn" (some do) or at least receive over £61,000 p.a. income plus numerous benefits and expenses. They also know they have jobs for 4/5 years , unlike some of the poor devils who live from week to week on temporary jobs, often not much above m inimum wage.

I really do get sick and tired of your stance Paul, which seems to be "we might be bad, but the Tories are worse than us".

It reminds me of kids brawling in the playground. You are nearly all as bad as each other.

Paul Flynn

At one time John, politicians were objects of great respect, which they did not deserve, now they are held in contempt which they also do not deserve,

Paul Flynn

You are not paying full attention. 'Largely Tory" is what I said Graham. I have already had several goes at Labour ex-ministers in the revolving doors from Ministers to lobbyists.

Cameron set this policy. His leadership was challenged by colleagues who are not millionaires saying they need a second job to maintain a 'London lifestyle'

Whatever that is you cannot maintain it on £60,000 plus.


It does make me wonder about many of our MP's with all this talk of celebrities and footballers etc having the role of role model forced on them by politicians. I suspect this is because many Politicians themselves can no longer by there actions and words be put up as anything to be emulated. Power and money hungry with principles that move from one tabloid headline to the next. No wonder our politicians are held in contempt by the majority and no wonder so many of us are disillusioned by politics and refuse to have anything to do with it. A sizable portion of our electorate don't even bother to vote so disenfranchised from the whole system do they feel. This can all be laid at the door of Parliament.

Graham Marlowe

Paul Your blog gets even more partisan and silly.

There are many sleazy MPs of all parties. As I recall, Blunkett took a job as a consultant at a time when he knew he was returning as a minister - he also writes (or wrote) a weekly column for the most sleazy daily tabloid. When the going gets tough, Brown is available for "interview" with the dirtiest of the dirty Sunday tabloids.

Though it may be legal, your New Labour pals fly pretty close to the wind, too: Keith Vaz, more than once Balls and Cooper with their "expenses".

Let's not pretend New Labour Tory Lite is any better morally than the other parties.

Perhaps the most obscene thing of all is that at a time when tens of thousands of people are at risk of losing their jobs (27,000 at Woolworths alone by Jan 5th) the so-called Trade Secretary Mandelson is STILL mithering on about appearing on camp TV show "Strictly Come Dancing". he v=even managed to take time out from his busy schedule last weekend to be part of the studio audience.

No party who has this self-regarding, slippery jerk in it's midst can talk about morality.

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