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December 21, 2008


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Yes Paul, have a happy Xmas. I wonder if this will be the last one before you and your NL chums transfer to the opposition benches?

There might be one more, because we all know, coward that he is, Brown is unlikely to risk his neck before he has to.

Roll on May 2010 when Pickfords turns up at No 10 to take Brown off to ignoble retirement, and some of his pals like Purnell and Hutton, and the tap-dancing dwarf, and co eithetr lose their seats, because their constituents don't want a closet Tory representing them, or they have the decency to face the truth and join the Tory party.

It would be nice to think Blair and Bush would be off in 2009 to the Hague to stand trial for war crimes, ad if found guilty faced the ultimate penalty but that is too much to hope for. The worse that could happen to Holy Tony would be that he will become Mandelsons dancing partner on "Strictly Come Prancing" - but which of them would wear the ball gowns? :)

Paul Flynn

No Kay Tie, I have not seen that. I read the Mail only on the web.

Jolly Roger

Please re-read my posting,Paul, old chap,
And let's cut right through your NuLabour crap.
Credit Unions charge their interest every four week.
Which translates to the percentage of which I speak.
Twenty seven point seven is the ANNUAL rate.
So I speak the truth, not like you, me old mate.
And as has already been pointed out.
It WAS signed by Purnell, of that there's no doubt.

On your other topic regarding Bob Quick.
Here's the news, which in your craw, should stick.
The Tories have accepted his grovelling apology.
Or have I been misled 'cos I don't have an ology.
Have the media lied on this so-called non-story?
Should I believe you, so that I don't have to worry.
Please drop the spin, Paul, it's not in your blood,
Or should I just say , you're just not very good.

It seems that your other posters agree.
With the points put forward by li'l ol' me.
The spin of these tales that you have evinced.
Has fallen flat on its face, we're just not convinced.
That's just my thoughts from out here in the exterior,
And I'm certainly not a victim of media hysteria.
Just ask your mate from old Cardiff West.
My facts are correct, it's always the best.

But hey, I digress, it's the Season of Christmas.
Which applies to us all, even those on the isthmus.
(That wasn't an easy rhyme, I can assure you,
But I'll continue and take the risk that I bore you.)
Here's a wish from me and my piratical crew,
To each and every, and that includes you.
Have a Happy Christmas and give and receive,
And spare a thought for the 135 families who grieve.

Kay Tie

"Furthermore they will say that the fact that he is currently investigating an MP of the party they love is entirely coincidental."

Party they love? You cannot have seen the bile poured on Cameron and his team by that organ.

Graham Marlowe

"Whoever is alleged to have signed it, it cannot happen"

According to many sources - including the BBC, this was signed by PURNELL HIMSELF.

Graham Marlowe

"Whoever is alleged to have signed it, it cannot happen"

It has been widely reported, not least by the BBC, that Purnell himself signed it, Paul.

With all due respect, please stop making excuses: we all know if Purnell could have got Grayling on board, it would have become part of yet another "reform".

The one thing NL worries about is crawling to big business these days -damn everyone else.

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Paul Flynn

Jolly Roger.
It's a non-story in the same way that a Labour Plan to get rid of the NHS, child benefits or the MIG pensions would be a non-story.

Whoever is alleged to have signed it, it cannot happen. But Credit Unions are very worthwhile. They still play a minor role here compared with Ireland and Canada. I know of none that charge interest rates of 27% - except to bad debtors.

This is the problem of instant leaks. Any idea that is floated, however tentative, is attacked as though it's firm policy. Not policy, media hysteria.

Graham Marlowe

Quote of the day:

"James Purnell makes me ashamed to be a member of the Labour Party. It is a disgrace the way he is hitting the poor".

Ronnie Campbell M.P.

Nice to know at least one M.P. isn't taken in by the kite-flying

Graham Marlowe

Nice try, Paul, but this just won't do: It is always the same - the government kite flying at weekends, then, if the idea goes down like a lead balloon, it is dismissed as merely "a discussion document". We had it when that silly woman Caroline Flint floated the idea of not allowing people who were unemployed to access couincil housing.

As a matter of fact at least two New Labour figures treated this latest outragese seriously, ever loyal Tory Bioy Hutton said it would "not necessarily" mean that the unemployed would have to pay 27% interest, he pointed out that it was the Tories who stopped the frants becoming loans, but of course, didn't explain why NL hadn't gone back to the old system.

It was left to obscure minister Kitty Usher to close the story down - it was a "badly worded document" she said, but she didn't explain why Purnell had signed it in the first place.

This scheme sounds like the work of Purnell's dear little friend David Freud, the multi-millionaire investment banker and amateur "welfare reformer", or his new pal "Professor" Paul Gregg, who seems to have been out of touch witht he real world for the past few years, having been sitting on his backside in academia.

How much further into the gutter will New Labour fall, Paul and how much longer are you going to do a Clive Soley?

Jolly Roger

Now come on Paul, let's be fair.
You haven't told the full tale there.
Purnell's proposal was to hand the lending,
To Credit Unions, agreement pending.
The Credit Unions charge at two percent,
Per month so the annual charge has unfettered ascent.
Two percent monthly is twenty seven point seven
When calculated annually it's hard to break even.

It's somewhat galling to be told,
By a waster like Purnell that it's good to be old.
He's never done a days work in his life.
So unlike my late wife and myself.
He's merely there to do Gordon's wishes,
And reduce us to praying for loaves and fishes.
A non-story eh? Let's wait and see.
Because somebody signed it and it certainly wasn't me.

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