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December 20, 2008


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Graham Marlowe

Yes Paul, b ut if we go on with "New Labour" it could mean another decade of Brown and Mandy and whjomever Mandelson annoints as heir to Blair (propbably Purnell, who is as right wing Tory as Mandy himself).

I recall a Latin quotation much beloved by Leonard Woolf, which seems to sum up NL:

"curruptio optima pessima",

which means "the greatest evil is the good corrupted", which applies to so many "Labour" MPs who have just stood aside and done or said nothing while Blair/Brown has instigated increasingly right-wing policies.

There is now nothing to chose between Conservatives and the rabble who describes itself as "New

But every cloud has a silver lining, paul: It will give Mandelson more time to practice and mince about on tat-TV show "Strictly Come Dancing", which I understand, the self-regarding fool still wishes to appear on. Very appropriate!

Paul Flynn

Graham, people said we needed a period of opposition during the election of 1979. It did not lead to a better party, it led to 18 years of Tory Government and Blairism

Graham Marlowe

I sympathise and agree with you Paul. I find this just another example of the cowardice and dishonesty of Brown - just like when he sneaked off to sign an EU Treaty after all the other leaders had left.

He is gutless just like his toadying cabinet.

We have had another example today. The DWP float the idea of charging interest on emergency loans from the Social Fund. Everyone is up in arms, so now at lunchtime, we hear Purnell signed this without bothering to read it (that is the impression one gets because the excuse is that it was "badly worded" - if purnell had READ the damned thing he would have SEEN that it was badly worded. Perhaps his bitch Freud runs a loan company?

The reason NL gets away with so much is because for far too long most NL backbenchers have just been supine and let Blair/Brown et al get away with Right wing policies.

I have said it before and I say it again Labour needs a period in opposition so we can ditch the right-wing stupidity and the people who administer it.

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